Christian Suffers Concussion

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Christian suffered a concussion during his match with Randy Orton on last week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. He's been pulled from all upcoming dates as a result of the injury.

Dot com updated his status at this link where they included quotes from WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann. Below is an excerpt:

"We've pulled him out of all activity," said Amann. "His ImPACT scores are normal, but he’s still having some symptoms of fogginess and cloudiness."

He continued, "We are waiting for symptoms to get better until we perform an in-ring exertional challenge later this week at the Performance Center in Orlando. At that point, if he’s able to get in the ring and exert himself, and work without symptoms, we'll go ahead and clear him [to compete]."

  • Mark

    Thats unfortunate it seems that he just gets back and starts to pick it up again and then something like this happens. Lets hope we see him in the ring again soon.

  • markus

    Didn’t Orton fight Cody on Raw?

    • CJ Blaze

      It was from last week on Raw.

  • dragonicbeast

    and people say about sin cara getting hurt alot

  • ldb

    Hmmmm… could it be Randy “the apex crybaby” was sloppy with his work. Christian just had the miss fortune of working with punk who is allowed to do as he pleases with no recourse. I don’t mean the storyline either. Sad part is its for real. He ‘s the real bully backstage.

    • TheBigKing1

      Be quiet you HATER!

  • eskymi

    Maybe Orton should lose his push cause he hurts people………

    I love when Cena was on top all the Cena haters came out and the Cena lovers praised him, now it’s the Orton haters (of which I am one) coming out and slamming him and the Orton lovers praising him. Richard any idea on how long before they take the belt off Orton….Although I get through RAWs faster by fast forwarding anything to do with Orton.

    • Avalanchian

      The belt won’t be coming off Orton for quite some time I’m sure. Since the whole how much money he makes thing went public it’s probably like he got a push. Much like the PTP getting their push because someone came out openly as gay. Do something that makes news that isnt bad and ta da you get a push.