Christian To Defend WWE Intercontinental Championship On 1000th Raw

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Christian will defend the WWE Intercontinental Championship on next week's 1000th Raw.

Christian's defense was determined by a poll over on dot com where fans were asked whether they wanted to see Santino Marella defend the WWE United States Championship, Layla defend the WWE Divas Championship or Christian defend the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

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  • Craigscool88

    Why not defend all 3 it’s a 3 hour show and how bout change it to more wrestling than promos and drama what is the point of a us title I like santino as champ but he never defends and is only on tv for a joke he is a very capable wrestler who deserves a bigger push than Ziggler he stepped up when orton was “concussed” at elimination chamber

    • Blake


      • n1ck

        you both seriously think wantonly should be pushed and not ziggler? that’s a little absurd

    • StephenSnel23

      Yes it is a 3 hour show but you have to remember its also celebrating the 1000th RAW. Theyll be bringing back tons of legends. Probably airing alot of old RAW clips. If they did all 3 then it wod be too much. I’m sure they’ll do more in the following weeks.

  • cornb31

    A bigger push than ziggler? Yeah right

  • gibbons08

    I agree 100%! In fact why not defend every title!?

  • Joe O.

    I’m all for defending all three. I had said “D” all of the above myself when they showed it. But who will he defend against? Rhodes seems obvious to an extent but then the outcome would be obvious as well. They should have a mini tournament to decide who faces him for the title or a battle royal.

  • Logan_Walker

    How Does it Look When The US Champion gets a Lower Rating Than The Diva's Championship. I Guess It Shows What The People Who Watched RAW Live & Voted Thinks About Santino

  • Charles

    Hold on, are you saying that Santibo deserves a bigger push than Ziggler?

  • Charles


  • Autista

    RYDER OR RIOT!!!!!

  • JasonGaza

    im tired of santino like he is not funny at all anymore, and i say Tensai will go against Christian for the title