Christian's Return, The Future Of The World Heavyweight Championship, Skip Sheffield, Booker T vs. Cody Rhodes

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When is Christian due back on WWE television?

Christian is expected to return from the high ankle sprain he suffered next year as he's included on the booking sheets for 2012 house shows. With that being said, I wouldn't be surprised to see him back at any time.

A couple weeks in, what's the mindset in WWE regarding Daniel Bryan as World Heavyweight Championship?

Very few people know the future plans for the World Heavyweight Championship. I have been holding my breath from the moment Daniel Bryan "cashed in," however, it was McMahon that made the call to utilize the gimmick. From what I understand Mark Henry's injury played a role and the fact WWE didn't want to be obligated to the gimmick in the build to Wrestlemania XXVIII.

What's the latest update on Skip Sheffield?

Skip Sheffield worked a dark match prior to last night's WWE Raw Supershow in Chicago. He is back from injury and should be returning to television soon. While Sheffield teased he was behind the cryptic videos, that is clearly not the case.

Why is Cody Rhodes in a program with Booker T? Is there no other "active" superstar that he could be in a program with? There are plenty of men in the locker room that are waiting for something yet they have him going against Booker T, who is twice his age.....why?

WWE has used Booker T in their plans to elevate Cody Rhodes. Working with someone as accomplished as Booker is a great way to get attention on Rhodes and goes to show to amount of confidence Book has in him. Ordinarily I do not like to see workers “past their prime” getting TV time over younger under-utilized workers, however, in this case I’m willing to make an exception.

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  • havoc525

    Booker is Cody’s answer to Foley and Orton. They’re using a legend to give him the rub. It also says he is so good he needs a legend to compete because nobody else is on his level.

    • HPK

      I think whoever said that better rethink it…Cody Rhodes is ok , but not SO GOOD !!! LOL…There are ALOT of guys and divas better then He is !!!

      • Nick

        Based on what? Your personal opinion? Notice you said there are a lot of guys and divas yet couldn't name one. Are you trolling sir? Or trying to fix an already shattered ego? Truth is, Cody is a talented guy, charismatically and in the ring.

  • BigMike

    hey at least Booker can still go in the ring and be enterttaining unlike ALOT of other "past their prime" people in this business and Im sure that Cody is loving it for we all know Booker and Dustin are good friends and Booker is a fellow Texan Like The Dream and Booker has much love for The Dream and it was under Dream's booking that Booker got the rub for singles unless my timeline is off

    • vmagic

      You must be referring to *cough*Nash*cough*, lol

  • Brody

    There having a Booker vs Cody feud to set up the Goldust vs Cody feud which will see Cody Rhodes defend the IC Title against Goldust’s career at Wrestlemania.

    • vmagic

      Source for this information other than your own imagination?

      • Alex

        Goldust himself has been saying it on his twitter account and interviews that Wrestlemania will be Title vs Career for the Rhodes brothers.

  • n8ive_savage1

    What’s the story on drew mcintire?

    • Alex

      He was a good friend of HHH & HBK so they built him up. However, unlike Sheamus Drew hasn't done anything and is completely boring even for a heel.

  • sean

    never been so relieved to hear a piece of wwe news than I was when I read that Sheffield is not behind those videos

  • jonathon212

    i have no problem if booker is being used in the feud to elevate cody rhodes but so far booker has not helped elevate cody in my opinion at all. at tlc ppv cody needed to beat booker twice before the match even started so his win looked cheap. this past smackdown, booker distracted cody making cody lose clean to zack ryder. and last night on raw cody lost clean to booker t.

    i hope that this is all leading to cody getting the upper hand in the end but so far it has been pretty one sided in booker favor .

  • robert

    i had a damn feeling bryan was geting the title now during a down time so they wouldn't have to have him main event wm, really pisses me off i hope people get behind him and he gets the push he should get over guys like ziggler and rhodes i just don't see why rhodes, wht is it he's boring i don't care how much orton got shoved down my throat i never liked him i guess we're gettig another star by over saturation until you have no choice

  • Sebastian

    So cool to see Booker T back in action regardless, boo hoo bout Cody Rhodes, he'll be fine, just good to see the "5-time! 5-time! WCW Champion" back in the ring! …All Hail Booker T 😉

  • EvilKevyn

    Huh? All I heard was Christian and Rhodes. Both good choices.

  • HPK

    HHH vs Cody Rhodes !!! HHH is sure to "elevate" this fresh , young understudy…PFFFFFFFGGGGGHHHH !!!

  • mark

    Why does wwe keep pushing otunga only to have him loose?? I think he needs to go bk to fcw; the lawyer gimmck is old. What wrestler invokes law and not wrestle to make hisself look like a top guy. I thnk cody rhodes,wade ,ziggler is the future of the wwe. Otunga is BORING!!!!

    • Alex

      Otunga is very boring everyone knows this. The only reason Vince keeps him around is cause he's married to Jennifer Hudson which I guess he believes gets him some mainstream publicity. Though it's funny cause I don't think she's made one single appearance on WWE tv yet and probably has no plans too.