Christian's Status, Shane McMahon Back To WWE?, Undertaker vs. CM Punk, Lesnar-Royal Rumble, Rock's "Injury"

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Can we get an update on Christian? Is he still injured or could he possibly return at the Royal Rumble?

The last update I heard on Christian was he was targeting a return to WWE at the end of January. Obviously he'll be someone that people will speculate as a surprise Royal Rumble entrant but that's nothing more than obvious speculation.

Do you see Shane McMahon returning to WWE?

Shane McMahon has found success outside of WWE as he is the Chief Executive Officer of You On Demand. The company is publicly traded and you can find out more information here on Google Finance. As for Shane returning to WWE, anything is possible, but I don't really see it happening. Vince McMahon is grooming Triple H as his successor where he, along with Stephanie, will run the company. Shane admitted that his decision to leave WWE strained his relationship with his father but I admire him for having the courage to do it.

With Undertaker nearing the end of his career, is there any chance CM Punk can end "the streak" this year if the rumored match does take place?

This question requires a brief unpacking. The current plan is for Undertaker to defend his undefeated streak at Wrestlemania 29 this year. CM Punk has been mentioned as a rumored opponent but we do not have confirmation on that as of this writing. As for the question, there's always a chance but I'm against any scenario of "the streak" ending and feel Undertaker deserves the right to retire undefeated at Wrestlemania. Feel free to debate this on both sides in the comment area below. Is there a scenario you see that would benefit from Undertaker losing at Wrestlemania?

Do you see Brock Lesnar returning at the Royal Rumble (as a non-entrant) and costing Ryback a chance to win, setting up a match between the two at Wrestlemania?

Booking Brock Lesnar vs. Ryback would be more impossible than the already impossible situations they've put Ryback in with CM Punk. I would not favor this bout and can tell you it's not the current plan for Ryback at Wrestlemania this year. We do have the prosed plan here on As for Lesnar returning to WWE at Royal Rumble, it's possible but I'm not sure the company would be in favor of burning through one of Lesnar's dates without advertising it. The Rock and CM Punk is what WWE is banking on to sell Royal Rumble so there doesn't seem much of a payoff in bringing Lesnar back on Sunday night.

How legit is The Rock's injury?

The Rock's claim of "internal bleeding" is a work. He may have suffered a cut in the inside of his mouth (I haven't heard for sure), but he wasn't seriously injured by The Shield.

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  • i could see Christian returning at RR, Undertaker’s streak should be kept intact, Lesnar will go against HHH at WM and Rock is not actually injured..that is all 🙂

  • Eloy

    The only scenario I can see undertaker losing at WM, would be if Punk walks in as champion still. A win over Undertaker at WM would give Make Punk unquestionably the greatest WWE Champion of all time and who give someone else a HUGE platform when they finally beat him.

    • LOTGA

      If Punk went in to ‘Mania as champ against ‘Taker I would mark out huge. Regardless of who walked out as Champion I think it would be a huge draw. I don’t normally buy wrestling merch, but I would gladly buy a 20-1 vs. 504 Wrestlemania t-shirt.

      • Eloy

        That match would be so unpredictable! And even if Taker wins and goes on to drop it back to Punk at Summerslam, it would be a HUGE draw!

      • Max Akhteebo

        I’m hoping CM Punk defeats The Rock at the Royal Rumble. I can see Brock Lesner interfering. Setting up Lesner vs. Rock. Have Punk do a “Best in the World” promo, Lights shut off then on Punk then staring down Undertaker. That starts a 2 month promo fued till WrestleMania. I would absolutely love Punk vs. Taker for WWE Title, that would be epic! Punk wins he’s best WWE superstar ever. Taker wins he retires as champ. I love that idea.

    • Smexy “JAY” Shuffle

      CM Punk has already beaten Undertaker when Punk had long hair in a big feud where they had several matches and some for the WHC

      • Snap

        But it’s not just about beating Taker, it’s about beating Taker at WrestleMania, which nobody has ever been able to do. Unless it is CM Punk in a clean win, I don’t see how any of the potential candidates beating Taker adds anything.

        The reason why I say Punk is because with his whole “lack of respect” thing, what would earn him the most respect than to defeat THE most respected man in the business cleanly at WrestleMania? I’m not really keen on the idea of the streak ending, but that’s a scenario I wouldn’t have a problem with.

  • Captain Charisma

    i will be very pist of if christian doesnt return at the rumble and if wwe isnt gonna push him i’d prefer that they don’t use christian until they are gonna push him

  • Win

    How many dates are Brock Lesnar obligated to do?! I keep reading WWE doesn’t want to “burn” through dates, but I don’t recall a specific number dates being reported that agreed to. He hasn’t appeared since Summerslam and only a handful of times prior to Summerslam. The redundant response that the WWE doesn’t want to “burn” through Lesnar’s date’s would make more sense, I suppose, if it a specific number were reported on how many date’s he obligated to perform.

    • Gary Robert

      I’ve asked this question a dozen times and can never seem to get an answer, either.

      • There are less than 10 remaining.

        • Gary Robert

          when does his contract expire, Richard? Is it a time frame or at whatever point the dates run out?

  • Guest

    Undertaker should retire undefeated. I can’t imagine WHO would deserve such a push? I see that CM Punk is established now, but imagine they lot someone like Ryback end the streak (totally hypothetically) and he just flops? Has a good run until Summerslam and then totally loses momentum (The WWE can always screw things up). And I will cry if the Streak is broken. My heart will be broken too.

  • Gary Robert
    • Chalon

      Looks pretty legit, agree with most of the descriptions on that power ranking.

  • Gary Robert

    Undertaker’s streak and Punk’s run as champion are both massive opportunities to push whoever ends either one, which is why I’m so against Rock beating Punk after not even being around for the last year. Think about what a baby face Ziggler could attain if he was turned, feuded with Punk and eventually wont he title from him. Fans cheer for Ziggler as is and are pushing for a baby face turn just as they are pushing for the Cena hell turn (for years).

  • Tom

    They HAVE to have Brock return unannounced. It would not make sense to announce his return with the storyline way he left. He announced he quit the WWE. How can an announced return play into the storyline of him quitting? Makes no sense. You can’t have an announce being made “Next week Brock Lesnar returns to Raw” when everyone is thinking “Ummm I thought he quit”. It HAS to be a surprise return to play into that storyline so everyone will be speculating what his motive for returning is since he said he’s accomplished everything in the business.

    • Gary Robert

      thats too creative for creative to come up with. They’ll forget about the whole “quitting” aspect and just bring him back as if it never happened or Triple HHH will demand he returns blah blah

    • Smexy “JAY” Shuffle

      You sir are spot on…the money!
      You spoke my mind

    • Winnipeg

      LMAO, so true!

  • If they end they streak, I will never watch wrestling again.

    • Razmos

      Im against the streak ending but to say if it did you would bever watch wrestling again is a bit sad, the streak is a once a year thing, your saying you would stop watching every week for something that happens once a year and possibly only one or two more years……..idiot

    • Rayner Chee-bai

      Nah…you’ll watch it somehow in the near future

  • Paul Heyman

    Streaks and records are meant to be broken. Undertaker should be beaten.

    • coolk

      Hell no, taker is meant to keep his streak forever and I don’t see how can punk and taker play out as I don’t see taker being in rumble unless brock got involved.

  • Aaron

    I can see randy Orton defeat taker. That could return Orton to the top of wwe and make him a hands down future hof. Bring back the ledgen killer.

    • Ryan

      I accidentally gave this a thumbs up…what I really mean is that this idea is horrible!

    • Smexy “JAY” Shuffle

      Yeah why not give to a guy who has 2 wellness policies (violations)…….

    • they had them face off already with orton losing as the legend killer

  • IcKeY

    Nobody should end the streak no Punk, no Cena, NOBODY!!! Punk is a great champion, hottest thing in the last year, but he is not in the same level as Rock, Austin, HHH and Taker, I hope he gets there, but a win to a 46-47 year old Taker won’t do it… Is not the wins and loses that get you to a legend level is the feuds, the memorable matches, how you get people react and of course there is ratings…when you do that for a couple of years then you can be call a legend

  • winnipeg

    It would be a long long shot and would never happen, but the only way I can see Undertaker loosing at Wrestlemania is to have an apprentice for a year. And the following year the apprentice would challenge Undertaker for the streak. Undertaker looses and passes the tourch to his apprentice to keep the legacy of The Undertaker alive. The only problem with an apprentice is they would need find someone to make a long term commitment to WWE.

    • Razmos

      You my friend have been watching to much Star Wars, WWE is not a galaxy far far away, it is a universe, they dont have Wookies, they have dwalfs, they dont have Jedi’s they have diva’s, the only comparison is Vinnie Mac and the emperor :-/

      • Winnipeg

        LMAO, think about it. That would another 20 years to Undertakers legacy though. Every Wrestlemania Undertaker comes back to “haunt” him about winning. The gimic would be “Can He Make It To 20-0”?

  • If punk beats taker, have taker give punk respect. Payoff for the whole Punk-Respect angle

    • Win

      “Have Taker give Punk respect.” I’ve read some lust-filled CM Punk comments on this site, but I do believe this is the first of its kind.

      • Smexy “JAY” Shuffle

        I 2nd this !

      • I’m not saying I would want to see this, but that could be an idea… He asked for possible scenarios….m

  • LeftyTosser

    The idea of ending the streak is ludicrous. It is something else for VKM to market in the future. A win by any of the current superstars would be a minimal bump in their careers. As other posters have mentioned many times in the past, in order to elevate oneself into the rare air of “Superstar” status or become a Legend, it takes a lot more than a match here or there. It’s what they can bring to the fans over the course of years. There have been a lot of great wrestlers, but there have been very few actual stars. Folks talk about Punk as a superstar. He may well end up in that category, but right now he is not there. Put him in the ring or on the mic with a Flair, Steamboat, Hogan, Rock, HHH or Michaels and he pales in comparison. Zigler has long term potential, but again he is no where near ready. It’s a situation of having very high standards to live up to and these guys just haven’t achieved that status yet. One of the problems for younger fans today is that there are no truly great superstars for them to compare these guys to.

    • Gary Robert

      Its something for him to market but not if Undertaker retires and nothing comes of the streak other than that it was an unbreakable streak.

    • Derek

      Punk annihilates HHH and Steamboat on the mic, and he could wrestle circles around Hogan, HHH, and the Rock.

  • RobUK

    Punks undefeated WWE championship run v’s The Undertakers streak would be epic. I think it’s one of the few potencial opponents were people may begin to wonder if taker could lose. Sadly though, i do feel this i far to creative for creative.

  • Chris

    Call me crazy, but I could see Brock showing up to cost Rock the match (if they actually let Punk retain, which I think is HIGHLY unlikely, unless they plan to put Rock over in a Chamber match.), as it would not be The Shield interfering.

  • If Undertaker doesn’t retire undefeated in WM I’d probably quit watching wrestling. There will never be an icon like him.

  • Dan

    My current dream hypothetical is this: Brock Lesnar interrupts the championship match and sets up a rock vs Brock 2. As far as I’m concerned, 2 part timers don’t deserve to hold championships. No matter how legendary they are. Then this could set up a CM Punk vs Undertaker, streak vs streak. As a result of a returning Undertaker winning the rumble.

  • W

    I hope the undertaker retires undefeated! He deserves it! It would suck if he lost at WM!!

  • John Wells


    I thought Lesnar had to appear twice a month. Given he hasn’t appeared since April and May and then didn’t use dates in June and only appeared once leading to SummerSlam (Because hasn’t he only appeared on screen four times, right?), wouldn’t he have close to 15-20 days left on his contract? Was it a one year contract? Why wouldn’t they want to “burn” through a day when there is only a few months left on his million dollar contract?

    • John Wells

      I mean, do you think Lesnar will really appear 15-20 consecutive days to build a program and fight if his contract is coming to a close?

  • Raul Menendez

    If the Undertaker loses at WrestleMania, I will laugh my Nicaraguan ass off at all you Americans wanting him to keep the streak in tact. Suckas!