Christian's WWE Return, Big Show Injury Update

Christian's WWE Return

Day in and day out we continue to receive questions about Christian's WWE status. There isn't really much of an update other than "he's expected to be back soon." This is the same update that's been available for months. Other than that, it's a situation we'll have to wait and see.

Big Show Injury Update

Big Show is out with a torn labrum and it's expected to keep him sidelined well into next month. I've contacted WWE for an official statement but have yet to hear back.

  • Brandon van Reenen

    How can they not come up with anything for Christian. SmackDown is just boring without him… I think they can give him one last World Championship push.

    • Chris

      Why only ‘One last’ title push?

    • Tim

      They could get rid of Alberto and jack swagger and replace with him

      • Luke

        Or just get rid of ADR and Swagger period.

    • Mark J.

      Christian is certainly much better as a heel — but not the whining
      version that we saw last. His original heel character of being
      arrogant, yet funny, was perfect. Fandango is an amusing self-centered
      heel, but it doesn’t have the putdown lines that Christian can rattle
      off nonstop. Christian needs to use his humor, and making him a heel
      seems like a given. He could just come back at rip on everyone,
      starting with the top babyfaces … people will quickly boo him and be
      glued to his every word.

  • Nostaljack

    I swear if I never see another Christian question, it’ll be too soon. I really couldn’t care less as there’s enough talent in WWE to keep my attention without him.. He’s been gone too long for me to care anymore. I’m sure I’ll get “negative’d” a bit for this but I care as much about that as I do about Christian’s return – which is to say not at all.

    • sheamus fan

      Cristiano is one of the most gifted wrestlers in wwe and I am looking forward to his return. He should win the whc mitb

    • Smart Mark

      Yes, the WWE can and is doing well without Christian but having him back can only benefit them. Think of a Heel Christian facing Cena for the WWE Title. Your telling me that wouldn’t be a feud worth seeing? Or even a facr Christian vs Dolph for the WHC.

      • Nostaljack

        I might have cared…a year ago. That’s about how long he’s been gone. He’s not ike Jericho where he can just appear and he’ll get an electric reception.

  • Tim

    I was wondering what happen to the big show.

  • BobCobb

    Christian vs ziggler would be a good feud

    • christian will be again WHC

  • Kenneth

    I’d much rather see Christian back than Santino, and I’m not opposed to getting rid of Thwagger and Coltard to make way. Del Rio I can tolerate for a little longer.