Christopher Daniels Promotes Weekend TNA Live Event, Talks WCW & WWA, More

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The Herald Mail has a new article online featuring quotes from Christopher Daniels to promote Saturday's TNA live event in Hagerstown, Maryland where he is scheduled to face AJ Styles. Below are the highlights:

“A.J. is always someone who pushes me to my limit,” Daniels said. “It’s tough after wrestling somebody for 10 years to keep it fresh, but that’s a challenge we look forward to to make it different.”

“A lot the of people that were involved in the end of WCW were involved with the beginnings of TNA,” Daniels said. “There was this company called WWA (World Wrestling All-Stars) that did a pay-per-view in Las Vegas in 2002 that I was on and the people from TNA, who remembered me from WCW, saw me on that show and offered me a position.”

“I’m still having fun doing what I’m doing and I don’t see an end anytime soon, but the one thing that has sort of alluded me is being World Champion,” Daniels said. “With the current success I’m enjoying personally, I feel like it would be an easy shot to get up to that level.”

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

  • Tyler

    I miss WCW, especially because of the World War 3 matches!

  • Dufus

    I liked Christopher Daniels best as Curry Man. : )

    • Kurt Angle is the past-his-prime, one-time-Olympic-gold-medalist-with-a-promising-future-ahead-of-him-who-developed-a-case-of-head-in-ass-syndrome-and-lost-his-ever-lovin’-mind. Also, he’s one bad fall away from becoming a aarppalegic, so there’s that to look forward to I guess. Also, he’s a raging drunk.

  • I truly think Flair is beloved my many of the oprews that be in WWE. All you have to do is look at his in ring retirement from Raw from a few years back. They all know about his financial woes, and understand that he still needs a paycheck, but I’m sure they don’t like how he has to slum it in TNA. Blading and still taking bumps in 2012 just doesn’t seem dignified for the man.I think WWE would very much bring him back into the fold and having him as the #1 personality on WWE Network would be great.Forgive the metaphors, but Flair on WWEN should be like how Ryan Seacrest is to E! Network or how Don Cherry is to Hockey Night in Canada or what Chad Dukes is to 106.7 (all the big stars have the longest commute right? #zing)Flair could easily be part of any show. I can imagine any number of scenarios where programming would be And hosted by Ric Flair .Just have him all over the network talking about the past, setting up and commenting on whatever flashback show is being shown. But I think having him as the host of his own interview show would be great Something like William Shatner’s Raw Nerve . The amount of guests there is limitless, and who wouldn’t want a chance to sit down and talk wrestling with Flair.I think something like this would appeal to WWE, Flair, and all of his fans over pulling mats back for Gunner’s floor piledrivers.