Chyna Explains The "Personal Reasons" That Caused Her To Leave WWE In 2001

Chyna posted a detailed explanation of why she left WWE in 2001 on her Twitter account last night. We have compiled her tweets below:

Let me ask all of my followers. Would you like to know why I left the WWE? Ok then Let me explain this. If you didn't know, Triple H & I were engaged during the time of the Mcmahon/Helmsley Takeover on Raw. About 6 months into that storyline, Paul would come home and start arguments with me for no reason and leave out for a few days. After he left one day, he left the Haliburton brief case that I gave him in the house. Now, I'm not one to be snooping but something just Didn't feel right. I opened it up and found a love letter that Stephanie wrote to him a year earlier saying that she was in love with him.

I called Vince up and told him what I found out. He just replied that the jig was up. The next day I went to the Raw show where there was a Bunch of wrestlers talking as I walked in the backstage. They started parting the way and turning their backs to me. Not even asking why I was crying. The same wrestlers that I had trained and performed with day in and day out. I was lead into Vince office where he was there With Stephanie. She basically said that Paul was his and I just had to deal with it. I said that she was lucky her father was there or I Would of ripped her face off. Vince said to go home and take some time off and then we will deal with it. I was near the end of my contract.

So basically, he never resigned me. He choose his daughters happiness over his talent and maybe he should have. But this was business. Even if he didn't want me on the show anymore because of the two of them , I couldn't of been a trainer of up and coming talent? I couldn't of done something else within WWE where I never would of had to run into or deal with Stephanie.

Then to blackball me in other Ventures was inexcusable. Didn't you know that it was me, not Kristen Loken, that was suppose to be the female Terminator in Terminator 3? But Vince threw his weight around and basically told everyone that if you want access to the wrestlers then they couldn't deal with me. Since that time, I have never heard anything from Paul. Not even just to see how I was doing. Nothing. I will admit that for a long time I was bitter. But lets not forget, I was still a woman that was cheated on. Wrestling has nothing to do with that fact. And over the course of those 12 years , I have asked many times to come back not for me, but so that I could give a proper goodbye to My fans because they deserve nothing less than that. But he has always said No.

I did hear this rumor that he was going to put me into The WWE Hall of Fame but that was before I did the brief appearance on TNA. So the idea of me doing porn is the reason why I can't come back because like I said, porn was 12 yrs down the line. And, me doing porn only affects me. It was my choice to do it. Other wrestlers have done far worse and Vince welcomes them back With open arms and a friendly smile.

Pat Patterson was accused of sexual harrassment of a WWE official and is fired. Once the charges are dropped, not only is he rehired but He gets put into The Hall of Fame. And how many times did Jeff Hardy get arrested over drugs and still came back? So see, I'm have a reason tom be bitter but I will let it go for the love of my fans in the WWE. I don't have to have any interactions with Paul or Stephanie. This is what I would like. Maybe to be a guest announcer one night where I'm able to actually say goodbye to everyone That would be ideal but this is the real world and sorry but I'm not joining Vince's Kiss My Ass Club.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending this in.

  • Lenny

    Chyna, Chyna, Chyna. You actually believe in your screwed up mind that people still care about you? I’ll give you this though, if your story is true which could very well be, then I feel sorry for you. But like you said, it’s a business and for you to lose your cool ad threaten to do bodily harm to the boss’s daughter WHILE your boss is standing right there is just stupid! And of course Vince is gonna choose his daughter’s happiness over his employees, what are you, high? Divas and superstars are a dime a dozen. You were a big star but then when you left, WWE made another star in Trish Stratus, and then Lita! It’s an evolution, a cycle, wwe is always gonna
    Make new stars, I’m sure nobody misses you today and your stint in TNA was horrible! You look like a complete mess and you should just
    Give it a rest because the real reason why you wanna be on TV is to get your face out there so people know your not dead. There I said it, hope she reads this!

    • I am Right

      You obviously didn't understand a word that she wrote. Or, maybe you did understand what she was saying, but the fact that you were using Dragon: Naturally Speaking to dictate your message, with a cock in your mouth, just made it sound like you are a complete tool who thinks he is smart, but is really a complete and total douche that thinks his thoughts on what a complete stranger says in a public forum are important to all of the readers that he doesn't know. Well Lenny Alwaysgotacockinhismouth, you were wrong and we do not care what you think because guys that walk around with wrestlers cocks in their mouth do not count. So get back in the basement and don't let me catch you out again!!

    • infowolf1

      sure people still cared about her note alexia and louie posts. but if Stephanie’s father was any kind of a man he’d have told his daughter the first hint he had of this to leave another woman’s man alone or he’d bust her face himself. none of those people have any morality or integrity.

  • PainOfDemise

    That was an interesting read. Well if she ever did have a slim chance of doing anything related to the WWE, she just blew it.

  • Evon Reese

    Sounds like she's desperate for attention and I'm not buying the fact Vince kept her out of Terminater 3

    • Billkmc

      I remember back at the time there were all sorts of rumours about who would be in T3. Vin diesel was supposed to be in it as was chyna and van damme(not rob) even Shaq but they were all rumours don’t think there was any concrete offer to her.

      • I am Right

        You know this because you are in Hollywood and worked on the pre production of the movie?

  • _JIM_

    I knew something was up when she just disappeared from WWE TV right around the same time of Hunter and Steph’s on screen drive-thru marriage. Especially when it became quickly public that Steph and Hunter were dating in real life. I can’t really blame Hunter though. Steph was a huge improvement over Chyna and it also did wonders for his chosen career.

    • Patrick Peralta

      I don't blame HHH for wanting to date then later marry Stephine… but wiether it was Chyna or any other women….you think he would have been Man enough to say their relationship was over and he was dateing stephine…..

      in that regards that guy had no guts to tell her it was over.

  • A2H

    Well i guess paul levesque just knew what he wanted. No wonder everyone says hes a master backstage politician!

  • Ken

    Kristanna Loken's way sexier than Chyna. Just have to say that. She was sexy in T3, she was sexy in Sword of Xanten (from what I remember), she was sexy in those few episodes of Burn Notice she was in, and you know what… for kicks the other day I DLed the old Mortal Kombat Conquest series for a bit of mindless retro 'oh yes I'd forgotten Meng and Wrath from WCW were in it' viewing and you know what, she was sexy in that too.

    Chyna on the other hand seems to be having fun in the porn world. Backdoor provided me with at least twenty minutes of comic relief as I skipped through it. Didn't buy it, obviously. Who actually buys stuff like that these days? Pfft…

    Given the choice between Joanie or Kristanna I'd go with Ms Loken any day of the week.
    Given the choice between Joanie or Steph I'd choose Steph any day of the week. I've fancied her since the first moment I saw her.
    Course, I'll never get the choice, but that doesn't matter. Chyna was just a disaster waiting to happen, which then happened. I read her book ages ago. Sounds like she was screwed up long before she ever met Hunter. The guy made a good decision if you ask me. Anyone other than Chyna would have been a good decision really.

    • Logan_Walker

      Lol at “Ken”

  • Logan_Walker

    That Logan walker is such a boy scout. Lol.

  • Rob

    I knew they were engaged and that triple h cheated on chyna with Stephanie but lets face it given the chance to rocket your career and your happiness over a woman who wouldn’t? From what I’ve heard from all 3 parties in the past triple h and chyna weren’t very happy anyway hes obviously happy with Stephanie, he’s got 3 kids, hell be running wwe someday.

    Chyna has been bitter for way too long I’ve been cheated on but not been bitter for years afterwards. She should have just asked what was wrong between them and get on with life.

    • I am Right

      She shouldn't be bitter for years because her fiance cheated on her, left her for another woman whose dad was her boss, and had her blackballed from making an honest living? I tell you what Rob, if you ever have the privileged of having a daughter, and she has to turn to porn to make a living because she was blackballed by the daddy of the guy that cheated on her, and all of her coworkers and friends dropped her to for the sake of their careers, you might then understand how this would make somebody bitter forever. By the way Rob, I really hope that this situation does not play out for anyone you care about, because it changes them. This lady was not mentally strong enough to get through it, as I am sure a large percentage of people wouldn't be. Too bad that someone who was just living, had everything taken away from her because of petty jealousy.

  • I am Right

    How do you know it is yuck? Have you ever had a chick flex her box while she is on you? If she can't do it, you lose.

  • you are wrong

    hey chyna i mean "i am right" stop commenting under a name on every one that bashes you on here its so obvious , get over it no one cares about u shut up already id cheat if i was him too your a man and steph isnt , i woulda did the same .god ur gross

  • Danno

    I thought she was Xpac's girl. he was the one she says got her hooked on substances she abused. At least that was her story on Dr Drew's Rehab and other programs. Get it straight Chyna!

    • infowolf1

      Xpac was after triple h.

  • Kevin

    She was with HHH, but when he dumped her for Stephanie, she hooked up with XPac. He drove her into drugs.

  • Alexia

    Chyna you are a beautiful and smart women I say f**k what the rest of these stupid people think because they know they wouldn’t want someone else telling them what they are saying to you if they were in the same situation!! Triple H and Steph was wrong for what they did and if he was man enough he would have came to you personally and broke up with you so he ain’t even worth it! I bet the WWE is kicking his ass right and he probably getting everything he deserves with her cause she probably the one in CONTROLL! So stupid!! But I believe that something great is gonna happen for. You’ve paved a way for a lot of wrestlers and a lot of your fans know that. Let me just tell you this Triple H is a “NO BODY”also Steph and Vince too! Keep your head hun things will get better! Your a beautiful and awesome person and you deserve better!

  • Louie

    I really hope that Chyna gets to return to the WWE even if it is just one more time!! Chyna Deserves to come back one more time and also to be put into The WWE HALL OF FAME!!!! If Trish, Lita and other Divas our going in then there is no doubt that Chyna deserves it way more!!! I do hope that wwe dos put Chyna in the hall of fame but Alone not just put here in as part of DX… Dont get me wrong if and when DX gos in she better be going in as well but I do hope that they inducate her by herself before that!!!

  • Nancy Keys

    I believe Chyna, why would a woman make up such an humiliating story like that, of getting played on, washed up and spit out. I knew she and Triple H were dating, they use to stay in the same hotel room together. She need not worry because the Mcmahon family are chaotic and dysfunctional. The marriage life has left Stephanie and Triple H old looking and they look bored, like they are tired of putting on a show. Karma’s a b itch, they have gotten it back what they did to Chyna.

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