Chyna Passes Out Again; Hospitalized This Time, Third Episode In As Many Days

Chyna passed out again today at the Exxxotica Expo in Miami, Florida and this time she was taken to the hospital. According to TMZ, she passed out in the lobby at the convention.

Not only did Chyna have a scare yesterday when she was found passed out at the same event, TMZ reports she was kicked out of a hotel party after passing out in the pool the night before.

Thanks to Wrestling News World readers Logan Walker and Robert Rice for sending the links.

  • steve2

    This sounds a lot like free publicity, especially with the cheap plug she threw in for her She-Hulk porno character. I’m not buying it.

    • Frenchfry

      yea shes faking passing out 3 times now

      or you are just a complete moron

      • XKonn247

        No offence, but the fact she’s passed out three times makes it look like she’s faking. Don’t call someone a moron for pointing out what we all think.

  • David

    Either trying to get people to care about her again or in the same boat as Scott Hall. Both ways aren't good by any means. Her porno was disgusting and in the wrestling world nobody has given a damn about Chyna since 2001. Seems like she has a lot of issues to worry about. Maybe if I was a fan of hers I could show some sympathy. But sadly I can't…

  • Moose666

    Passing out in a pool…. I call that a self correcting problem.

  • Logan_Walker

    Well She Better get help soon or she might be dead

  • BigMike

    not eating and taking drugs or even drinking too much can cause a passing out episode and possibly the first time was not a fake and the rest were and we wont know for sure unless we were there

  • gpturbo81

    the female/schmale version of scott hall

  • Levi Aldebol

    Chyna hasn't been in wrestling (that I know of) since she stopped wrestling in Japan and started in porn. So why are you guys even paying attention to her? There may be other reasons why she's constantly passing out (drugs and/or alcohol would be my guess). It's easy to assume she's faking when you don't know all the facts (and you guys certainly don't know all the facts).

  • _JIM_

    This woman is a head case and seems to blame all of her problems on WWE and Vince McMahon for some reason. She was one of the biggest stars in the business at one time. Apparently she’s the only person in the wrestling business with any kind of name that was unable to find another gig in the business after she was let go by WWE. Not sure why she couldn’t get signed somewhere else right after she left WWE, but it seems to me like that’s nobody’s fault but her own. Now she’s paying the price for not making a move when she had the chance.

  • Kevin

    Who are we to judge anyone? The Bible says, "Judge not, lest ye be judged." No one reading this article knows what's wrong with Chyna. It could be that she's just going for attention, it could be drugs or alcohol, or it could be a serious medical condition she's not even aware of. We have no right to guess or speculate as to what's going on with her. And whether you're a fan of Chyna's or not, she's more than just a former wrestler/current porn star: SHE'S A HUMAN BEING. If we can't care about our fellow humans, then are we truly human ourselves? I for one hope she gets the help she needs, for whatever her problem is.