Citing Errors, John Cena's Wife Requests That His Divorce Petition Filed Against Her Be Thrown Out

In news I'll never feel comfortable covering, TMZ is reporting a new twist to the John Cena divorce story.

According to the publication, Cena's wife, Elizabeth, claims John's divorce petition is full of errors and should be dismissed.

She has filed the legal documentation to request the documents be thrown out. Liz says John inaccurately referred to her by her maiden name (Huberdeau) instead of her legal name (Cena). This has resulted in her claim that John failed to bring "a proper dissolution of marriage action" against her.

She also claims that John failed to attach the prenup he references and disputes his claim there is no martial property. Elizabeth is requesting that John re-file the divorce petition with the appropriate changes made.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending us the TMZ link.

  • If Cena worked for TNA they would have him F5'ing her through a table covered in divorce papers. Hope this gets cleared up cleanly and quickly for both parties.

    • WyFo

      Why would he F5 her? The F5 is Lesnar’s move.

  • [email protected]

    And so the ugliness starts…..

  • Dangerous Lee

    It hasn’t gotten ugly yet. This sound totally normal. Cena didn’t file his papers correctly so he’ll need to amend them. The divorce will go through. Liz is probably just stalling for whatever reason.

  • jamesambrose95

    She’s stalling because she signed a pre-nup. The sooner the divorce goes through the sooner she’s out all Cena’s money. Except for what was agreed upon in the pre-nup.

  • Chuck

    She doesn’t want to lose to Cena like everyone else. She is hoping to get him to change his mind

  • Michael

    This is one fight I am pulling for SUPER CENA.

  • thatguy

    I'm sure the uglyness she was talking about is prob a lot of business stuff that no one knows but john and vince. shady deals. people getting screwed over, etc. prob get him nuke heat backstage

  • Monty

    Who’s gonna get Elizabeth Cena’s shoot interview? She’s know huge backstage stuff

  • Kevin

    I agree with Dangerous Lee. It seems that all she's asking for now is the proper documentation. It's minor stuff, but important nonetheless. For the divorce to be legal, the paperwork must be correct. And if she legally changed her name to Cena, then he must file for divorce from Elizabeth Cena. If he's claiming she has no right to his belongings except for that which is outlined in a prenuptial agreement, then he must attach a copy of said agreement to the divorce papers. Her attorney has the right to see everything John intends to use against her in court.