Citing Multiple Injuries, Kurt Angle Says Chances Of Returning To The Olympics This Year Are Slim To None

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Kurt Angle, who at one time guaranteed he would make the 2012 Olympic United States amateur wrestling team, now says his chances are slim to none. has a new article online featuring quotes from Angle where he blames injuries for destroying his chances at an Olympic comeback. Below is an excerpt:

"Slim to none," Angle says in describing his chances. "I'm 43 years old and I'm not as good as I used to be, obviously, but I believe I can still contend."

"I've beaten myself up a lot," Angle said. "When I came back and started working out for the Olympics this time, I kept getting hurt. I popped a patellar tendon, then I popped an Achilles, then I blew out my hamstring. I went to my doctor and said, 'What's going on? I'm a machine, I don't get hurt.'

"He said you're over 40, things are gonna happen to you unless you train. So I spent four months training just to get ready to get back on the mat."

  • Jay

    Hands up if you saw that coming

    • Alex

      I think we all saw this one coming. lol

  • Mike

    Here I was so sure he wasn't talking complete and utter bullcrap this whole time when he said he was going for the Olympics again.
    But then I was sure last time. And I was sure he was going for an MMA deal, but then that fell through, conveniently.
    Wasn't he going for president too? No, that was Hogan. I was sure of that too.

    I'm being sarcastic, by the way. I seriously doubt Kurt ever had any intention of doing anything Olympics related apart from running his mouth about it. I respect the Hell out of Kurt for his athletic prowess and his wrestling ability… I mean, he won an Olympic Gold Medal with a broken freaking neck(tm)… but he's spoken so much crap about so many things in the last few years it's hard to take anything like this seriously when he says it.
    Until he appears in an Olympic Stadium on the US Olympic Wrestling Team onthe big day then I'll just assume he's blowing hot air.
    And that's a shame.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Well there’s his problem. He thinks he’s a machine! He’s obviously not!

  • ol skewl fan

    I remember Big Machine and Super Machine, Giant Machine, Hulk Machine even Piper Machine, but I can't recall a Angle Machine.


    I can't wait to see Kurt Angle in the Olympics,want to see the Olympics even more,before I read this article.

  • Cam

    He’d be going for the heavyweight spot right?