Clarification On Taeler Hendrix/Dixie Carter, Batista's Reaction To #August1Warning

Taeler Hendrix/Dixie Carter Clarification

Greg DeMarco has issued a Tweet clarifying the comment about Taeler Hendrix being "heavy for TV." The Tweet is below:

The initial recap of the interview is online at this link.

Batista's Reaction to #August1Warning

Dave Batista Retweeted TNA"s latest #August1Warning where the person in the video says they are "not Dave Batista." You can watch the latest video at this link.

  • Dave Barton

    Its not Dave Batista…because its Dave Bautista!

    • Haha. We don’t mix spellings. Consistency is king here at WNW. He’ll always be Batista here for the sake of continuity.

  • John

    If it really was Batista, do you not think that they would have spend longer than one week building it up and actually featured the promos on TV? It won’t be anyone major.