Classic Five-On-Five Match Advertised For WWE Survivor Series

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iN DEMAND's official listing for Survivor Series promotes a "classic five-on-five match" for the pay-per-view. You can view the promotional information below:

This year, the act of survival turns into an all-out quest for total domination...and respect! Don’t miss an incredible event featuring your favorite WWE Superstars competing in a classic five-on-five match. Only at WWE Survivor Series, Sunday, November 18 at 8PM ET/5PM PT, live on pay-per-view.

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  • J-Dub

    Team Heymen vs Team Cena with Ryback!!!!

  • Paul

    I do enjoy the classic 5 on 5 matches

  • Blake

    Which two teams?

  • Tom

    I’d absolutely love to see Lesnar come in to interfere, Cena follow for the save and then Ryback turn for a three on one beat down. Save the trouble of having to book a logical ending without ruining Rybacks push or the Punk/Rock build.

  • ThisGuy

    I’m gonna be there. Can’t wait.

  • Frenchfry

    this has potential, these are always great and unpredictable

  • unknown

    team heyman guys vs either team cena or team mcmahon

  • Shawn

    Tom got it bang on

  • Patrick

    Team ryback aka total domination vs team punk aka respect ryback turns on cena since he will be healthy by this ppv and joins punk lesnar and heyman for one the most dominant factions!

    • Nishanth

      What’s the point of that? Even super Cena wouldn’t be able to stop them