Clearing Up Any Questions About John Cena's "Knee Injury"

John Cena is fine as he worked Tuesday night's WWE Saturday Morning Slam taping in a match that will air on Saturday on the CW Network. The injury angle was a planned angle part of Raw and whatever happened to him when he jumped out of the ring to pursue Dolph Ziggler, didn't seriously injure him.

  • AnnO

    Any question about whether John’s injury was legit or not should have been answered in the backstage segment w/AJ. For those that don’t realize it was a work after the lockeroom fight…I don’t know what to tell them.

  • Jeff Ono

    I fell for it. For some reason it seemed like he landed funny. But once they did the backstage angle, it was clearly a work. Sometimes WWE goes too far with a work… you don't have to slap fans with a double dose … we're more likely to believe something that is subtle.

  • countryfan24

    the only person that knows of the injury is real or not is John Cena himself not no one else.

  • PhilT81

    The injury angle would have been far more believable had they cut the locker room fight and just left it at the awkward landing. Cena is still working hurt with various things like his ankle, knees, hips, elbow and shoulder none-the-less, in other words – every major joint.

  • Getting tired of this storyline where punk wins because of outside interference that why

    I stopped watching wcw looks like thereto Ning out of stuff oh well see you in a few years!!

  • donny

    so Ziggler will get a win over Cena only because they make Cena look hurt, LAME OH!!!

  • Messiah

    im about 2 stop look at wwe because of c m punk even thougth i been look at it from 2002

  • cagekicker

    my view was that he hurt his ankle legit, but the knee was the actual plan. did anyone else notice the brace on his ankle wen the they were wrapping his knee? he was clearly favoring his foot and not his knee as he ran/walked to the back (although, he could’ve forgotted what was supposed to be injured)

    jus’ sayin’..