Clips Of Hulk Hogan Sex Tape To Remain Online As Hogan's Motion Denied

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A federal judge denied Hulk Hogan's motion to force Gawker Media to remove the excerpts from the infamous sex tape featuring Hogan and Heather Clem. U.S. District Judge James D. Whittemore indicated that freedom of press was an important consideration in his ruling. Below is an excerpt from Tampa Bay Online:

"Plaintiff's public persona," the judge wrote, "including the publicity he and his family derived from a television reality show detailing their personal life, his own book describing an affair he had during his marriage, prior reports by other parties of the existence and content of the Video, and Plaintiff s own public discussion of issues relating to his marriage, sex life, and the Video all demonstrate that the Video is a subject of general interest and concern to the community."

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  • jdl

    They will remain online, where they will be viewed by no one who isn't looking for a reason to bleach their eyes.

  • mjledesma

    Seems like the true losers are the fans. Take that garbage down.

  • Ray

    LoL. Hogan was all worried that Nick was calling. He used her as a dumpster lol.


    "…the video is a subject of general interest and concern to the community.”

    I for one am neither concerned or interested in anything to do with Hulks sex life. Eew! LOL

  • Obviously the judge wacks it to this video, which is why he wants to keep it online.

  • _JIM_

    I don't understand how a person doesn't have the right to have things like that taken off the net. Especially when that person never gave permission for it to be put on the net in the first place. It just doesn't seem right to me for a company like Gawker to be able to get away with it when the person in the video clearly is against it being online.

  • 1-800-NWO-0242

    I guess the judge thought the video was just too sweeeeeet! Haha