CM Punk Addresses Match Placement At WWE Money In The Bank

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- WWE Champion CM Punk wrote the following on Twitter:

  • Kleck

    The PPV is called Money in the Bank. I think if it didn’t finish with a MITB match, it would seem odd. I believe the caliber of the match deserved the finish.

    • James M>>>

      Good point, I agree

    • this guy

      No it didn't. Remember last year? Besides Cena being in the main event the title was the last match of the night. The PPV being called money in the bank is just to highlight the special type of match of the night. It's to feature up and coming stars who will soon to be facing a champion. Doesn't mean they should be headlinging over a champion

      • Kleck

        Sorry I wasn’t clear. I believe the Punk/Bryan match was at the caliber to end the show IF it wasn’t a MITB show.

    • Bault16

      Yea exactly. That’s why last years ppv was so odd

    • Alex

      Emlimination Chamber didnt end with an elimination chamber match. Also the last two ppv’s didn’t end with a mitb match either.

    • Alex

      Emlimination Chamber didnt end with an elimination chamber match.

  • Eliza

    Lol your so right^ I really hope punk don’t get jealous

  • Sythian

    Given the main event match was somewhat worth while, I reckon punk vs Bryan should have taken the semi main. I mean putting divas and ryback in just killed the crowd

  • jdl

    Punk has a point. It doesn't really matter where they put him on the card, he'll almost always participate in the match of the night unless he's wrestling someone like Alex Riley. You put him up there with either of the titles and he'll bring the house down on a consistent basis.

  • I'll say it once, I'll say it again. Whether his match was the first on the card or the last, the result and the major spots in that match would stay the same. So why constantly complain about it?

    • Aaron

      Because the best match of the night was clearly over shadowed by the lesser diva tag team match and ryback v reks/hawkins. The raw ladder match should have been before it and have the wwe title concluding the show. And maybe have punk and cena stare each other down as the show was ending, creating a cliffhanger for the next show.

  • AnacondaVise

    The WWE Championship is the top prize and should be the Main Event. How can what is basically a #1 contenders match be more important than the championship match?

  • Bishop

    If Punk went last, it would have been too obvious that somebody would cash if the match had a brutal finish.

    Can’t say “it’s MITB, the match itself has to be last”. Last year was Punk vs Cena in one of the best PPV’s I have ever witnessed. It just goes to show that they will continue to put Cena in the main event as long as possible. It was also the biggest match, storyline wise, going into the PPV. Others will disagree that the love triangle is just as big, but this is John Cena we are talking about. He’s in the middle of his quest to regain the belt.

  • Dave Barton

    If Cena is such a stand-up guy that he was willing to bow out of a ppv just so Ryder could have a match a few months ago, then why doesn’t he speak up & say “Punk out-sold me in merch, he’s been the champ for a long time, he deserves to be in the main event spots…not me.”

    • Mr.Love

      Good point!

  • proud

    I look at it like a King of the Ring and that the culmination in the tournament should go last as it’s a huge achievement being King of the Ring but there is two mr. Money in the banks so unless we scale it back to one the WWE championship should go last.
    Anyone glad they haven’t overdone this concept with a ‘miss money in the bank ladder match’ ?

  • Thisguy

    Cent main evented 6 straight PPVs. He even main evented in a match with John Laurinitis. I love Cena, but CM Punk and his lengthy WWE title reign should start closing the show now.

  • Punks match at MITB was impressive….but, I think you all overlooked something else. Darren Young and Kaitlyn on a ppv!

  • James

    The hardest worker and best in ring performer in the WWE is Dolph Ziggler. Just my Opinion

  • Steveuk007

    CM Punk = One great promo on RAW, a few decent matches (ironically against John Cena).

    Not the ‘Best in the World’, more living off the hype of one good week and the rest being bland.

    IWC = Full of ‘fans’ who don’t pay for PPV’s anyway (as is evident) and who push the likes of Zak Ryder, who has the most dated ‘persona’ out there and doesn’t change each week.

    Seriously, IWC, just wake up.

    • kbunyon

      A few decent matches and all against Cena? Have you not see him go all out with Bryan recently? Have you not watched the PPV that was being spoken about? Punk's match with Bryan was the highlight of the show!

      And it's evident to you that we don't pay for PPVs? How do you come across this personal information? You do not know what I might or might not pay for.

      Not everyone in the IWC are Ryder fans. Each person who watches wrestling, whether they talk and read about wrestling online, or not, has their own personal thoughts and feelings about each promotion and each wrestler, so generalizing won't get you far.

      Also, you're here reading and writing about wrestling, making you part of the IWC that you are ripping on. I'm not attacking you, just playing devil's advocate because of how you seemed to be attacking more than actually commenting on things in a constructive way.


      • thebops

        Well said, Ken…

      • James

        Ryder is not really talented to me. His gimmick gets on my nerves.