CM Punk & AJ Lee Attend Cubs Game (Photo), John Cena Game, Cryptic WWE Tweet

- CM Punk and AJ Lee were shown on camera at Wednesday's Pittsburgh Pirates at Chicago Cubs MLB game. Punk was acknowledged but AJ was not. Below is a photo:

- WWE announced on Wednesday they have released a new John Cena 3D racing game for mobile phones. The press release with full details is available at this link.

- WWE got a lot of readers talking with this Tweet on Wednesday:

I haven't heard what it means (if anything).

  • Avalanchian

    The Broken Souls thing is probably about the upcoming sequel with Kane..See No Evil 2.

    • Matthew Guerrero

      Or it has something to do with The Undertaker! JS

      • Jamie

        Then why would it have red in? I think its Kane.

  • Frenchfry

    Wheres Beth Phoenix?!

    • Frenchie2

      Why? He hasn’t been dating her in over three years. and she hasn’t been with WWE in one year as of next week, I believe.

      • Cheeseburger

        Should say, “Where’s Lita?” 🙂

    • Christen

      Wherever Adam Copeland is at. Beth Phoenix is dating Adam Copeland aka Edge. Last i heard Punk was dating Amy

  • Angel

    Isn’t he dating Amy?

    • JohnnyFairplay8231976

      Oooooh, big shot over here using first names. Do you call Punk, Phil, too?

      • anon2020

        are you…..talking to yourself? (thats not me by the way)

      • Razmos

        So i take it your first name is not Jonhny? I could think of what your first name is….probably not polite enough to post on here though, begins with Jack ends with another word for your rear end!!

  • Denzel Phipps

    CM Punk and AJ Lee make a Great couple I’m just saying

  • Bear

    Anyone ever consider they went as friends? Not unusual for a grown man and woman to be hanging out as friends without a relationship there.

  • Nostaljack

    Many of these comments make me feel like I’m sitting at a bingo table with old ladies. LOL!

  • Tim

    I’m sure the cena game will be straight up garbage just like the rock game

  • utecifa

    I’ll never understand why people jump to conclusions so much about things in society. If you’ve seen CM Punk’s documentary you’ll know the guy has a lot of close female friends. Platonic female friends. In fact he’s even said he gets along better with women than men.

    • Danny_Boy

      That’s because he’s on the down low probably.

  • cmpunkfan

    It seems to me that cm punk had broken up with Lita just recently, is now could be dating AJ Lee?!

    • Whatever

      Last I heard AJ Lee is dating Brad Maddox.

  • jansen0815

    My first thought seeing that picture was “Lesnar vs. Taker” i dont know, but that just reminded me of lesnars ring gear

  • john m wehrly

    black widow is the bomb

  • kimbers40

    and she is suppose to be with J Lethal from ROH wrestling

  • Barry Davis

    AJ was going with released wwe wrestler Trent Baretta .

  • Still Gaming

    Real pro wrestlers love a woman that can kick their ass. It might just be a casual outing with friends/co-workers, but I can definitely see them together. AJ’s always had a thing for pro wrestlers, anyway. I have no doubt she’ll end up legit marrying one of them. As for Bryan Danielson and one of the Bellas… that just feels like a work. Either way, I don’t see that working out. Punk and AJ though.. that’d work great. I’m sure the idiots at WWE will try and turn it into an angle.