CM Punk & AJ Lee Attend Cubs Game (Photo), John Cena Game, Cryptic WWE Tweet

CM Punk and AJ Lee were shown on camera at Wednesday’s Pittsburgh Pirates at Chicago Cubs MLB game. Punk was acknowledged but AJ was not. Below is a photo:

WWE announced on Wednesday they have released a new John Cena 3D racing game for mobile phones. The press release with full details is available at this link.

WWE got a lot of readers talking with this Tweet on Wednesday:

I haven’t heard what it means (if anything).

  • Avalanchian

    The Broken Souls thing is probably about the upcoming sequel with Kane..See No Evil 2.

    • Matthew Guerrero

      Or it has something to do with The Undertaker! JS

      • Jamie

        Then why would it have red in? I think its Kane.

  • Frenchfry

    Wheres Beth Phoenix?!

    • Frenchie2

      Why? He hasn’t been dating her in over three years. and she hasn’t been with WWE in one year as of next week, I believe.

      • Cheeseburger

        Should say, “Where’s Lita?” :-)

    • Christen

      Wherever Adam Copeland is at. Beth Phoenix is dating Adam Copeland aka Edge. Last i heard Punk was dating Amy

  • Angel

    Isn’t he dating Amy?

    • JohnnyFairplay8231976

      Oooooh, big shot over here using first names. Do you call Punk, Phil, too?

      • anon2020

        are you…..talking to yourself? (thats not me by the way)

      • Razmos

        So i take it your first name is not Jonhny? I could think of what your first name is….probably not polite enough to post on here though, begins with Jack ends with another word for your rear end!!

  • Denzel Phipps

    CM Punk and AJ Lee make a Great couple I’m just saying

  • Bear

    Anyone ever consider they went as friends? Not unusual for a grown man and woman to be hanging out as friends without a relationship there.

  • Nostaljack

    Many of these comments make me feel like I’m sitting at a bingo table with old ladies. LOL!

  • Tim

    I’m sure the cena game will be straight up garbage just like the rock game

  • utecifa

    I’ll never understand why people jump to conclusions so much about things in society. If you’ve seen CM Punk’s documentary you’ll know the guy has a lot of close female friends. Platonic female friends. In fact he’s even said he gets along better with women than men.

    • Danny_Boy

      That’s because he’s on the down low probably.

  • cmpunkfan

    It seems to me that cm punk had broken up with Lita just recently, is now could be dating AJ Lee?!

    • Whatever

      Last I heard AJ Lee is dating Brad Maddox.

  • jansen0815

    My first thought seeing that picture was “Lesnar vs. Taker” i dont know, but that just reminded me of lesnars ring gear

  • john m wehrly

    black widow is the bomb

  • kimbers40

    and she is suppose to be with J Lethal from ROH wrestling

  • Barry Davis

    AJ was going with released wwe wrestler Trent Baretta .

  • Still Gaming

    Real pro wrestlers love a woman that can kick their ass. It might just be a casual outing with friends/co-workers, but I can definitely see them together. AJ’s always had a thing for pro wrestlers, anyway. I have no doubt she’ll end up legit marrying one of them. As for Bryan Danielson and one of the Bellas… that just feels like a work. Either way, I don’t see that working out. Punk and AJ though.. that’d work great. I’m sure the idiots at WWE will try and turn it into an angle.