CM Punk All But Confirms WWE Title Match Against The Rock

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WWE Champion CM Punk was the Grand Marshal at the McDonald's Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday. In an interview that aired on WGN America, Punk promoted his upcoming match with The Rock:

While WWE hasn't confirmed Punk as The Rock's Royal Rumble opponent, barring a last minute shocking change in direction, that's where they plan on going.

  • The Breaker

    Well, it's not like Punk would have any doubt that he'll remain champion…

  • Evon Reese

    Punks praying he still has match with The Rock. I could care less. Punk vs The Rock or anyone else will not be a draw for me. The sooner he drops the title the better . I hope he drops it to Ryback and its him against The Rock

  • Gary

    Drop the title to Ryback? God, I hope not. Ryback hardly deserves to be WWE champion at this point in his career. Other then the last few months where they've turned his character into a predictable coward heel….he's had one of the most enjoyable runs in the 25 years I've watched wresting.

  • Shane

    Rock wins title and cena takes it off him at wrestle mania after winning the royal rumble . There’s your storyline

    • Nick B

      Yes Shane, that’s been said for months now. We get it.

  • BP7

    Another possible storyline is the outcome where punk refuses to fight rock, so rock wins the rumble and challenges the title at wrestlemania.

  • xChristenLynnx

    Everyone knew or knows this is going to happen