CM Punk An Atheist, Wants Austin At Wrestlemania, Says Ambrose Most Deserving Of Push

WWE Champion CM Punk did a Q&A with his followers on Twitter. Below are some highlights:

  • Ken

    He's an atheist as well as being a straight edge smart-ass? Even more reason for me to respect him. If one of us was a different gender I'd so marry him.

  • John

    wow so hes an atheist huh? as a firm believer of God i'm no longer a CM Punk fan.

    • Richard Gray

      Isn't it the Christian belief to pray for those that do not believe in God? As a Christian I respect those of all religions including those that are atheists. Further, I think it's admirable that Punk has enough faith to espouse his beliefs despite the fact he'll face ridicule from xenophobic individuals such as yourself.

      • Wwe4L76


      • mehartze

        Amen Richard!

      • Matt

        stole the words form my mouth. His beliefs have nothing to do with CM Punk, CM Punk is a gimmick, THIS is Phillip Brooks. the person. what he believes should not effect you personally unless it affects you…which it doesnt.

      • PhilT81

        It’s a shame just how many Christians completely miss the point and don’t live their lives trying to do as Jesus would. What Richard has said is what any good witness would aspire to.

      • LeftyTosser

        Richard, Jesus teaches us to respect and love one another, whether Christian or not. No where in His word does it tell us that nonbelievers should be viewed as anything other than lost. The fact that Punk is an atheist just goes to show he is lost. The fact that a fan states here that they don't admire him in no way goes against any of the teachings of the Bible. Personally I don't admire him either, but in all honesty I wasn't all that crazy about the character even before his announcement. This next comment has nothing to do with his beliefs, although I don't think most folks will see it that way, but I am sorry that the WWE doesn't have bigger stars right now. Relying on guys like Punk, Ryback, Orton and Ziggler must really drive VKM crazy.

        • Richard Gray

          I don't want to get in a theological throw down on my wrestling website, however, I agree with your first sentence. Jesus taught a message of love. I disagree with the argument "his word does tell us that nonbelievers should be viewed as anything other than lost." This is a complete paradox of your first sentence.

          The comment that struck a chord with me in this post was "well Punk doesn't believe as I do, so I don't like him anymore." That's the type of theology that has poisoned the church to record decline and created ethnocentric people that use messages of coercion to assimilate their particular beliefs on others or "else." I'm diametrically opposed to anyone that believes Christianity is to alienate people of other beliefs and religious systems.

        • Don

          Dude, the bible says to slay all that does not believe, what bible are you reading? I am not affiliated with any belief system btw, I just believe in treating people nicely.

          • Richard Gray

            Haha "slay all that does not believe." Sorry Don that's preposterous and utterly absurd.

      • Daniel

        I totally agree with Richard. Sadly, this isn't the place for a religious discussion. This is a website for fans about wrestling. If you are no longer a fan of CM Punks due to his religion, then so be it. You should support people who are working hard and trying to entertain you, despise their religious preference. It brings no harm to you physically, mentally, or emotionally to support an Atheist that loves his career.

      • Luke

        Well said Richard

        In the words of Damien Sandow… He is an Ignoramus

      • Lucky Chucky

        Agree 100%

      • Snap

        I agree. Even though WWE doesn't always practice what they preach, if there has ever been a case worth to Show Tolerance & Respect, it would be this. So what if CM Punk is an atheist, that doesn't affect how he performs in the ring and THAT is what people should look at if they're going to be fans of someone's work, just like people shouldn't use any of John Cena's non-WWE activities as reasons to like or dislike him.

        Take Chris Benoit, you can still be a fan of his work in WWE, WCW and ECW despite the events which ended his life. You don't have to condone those actions to acknowledge his talent.

      • Batman

        “xenophobic”? Don’t use big words unless you know what they mean!

    • Fil

      Best keep your comments about wrestling. there are readers from all over the world on here and I guarantee there are many different religious views to go with them so regardless of our different faiths remember we are here for the wasslin'.

    • Luke

      I’m an atheist and my opinion on Punk has not risen nor fallen. Sad to see people still judge others on beliefs.

    • Cheyenne

      when i found out punk was an atheist, i really didnt care, i believe in God strongly as well, but that doesnt change my opinon of him, hes just a guy with his own decisions to make… im not gonna stop liking someone cuz they dont believe, what kinda christian is that? God said love people whether or not they believe… its a test of ur faith .. get over it and move on .I will always be a die hard punk fan !!

  • bejealous

    LOL to the Samoa Joe answer….. Shows what Punk thinks of TNA

  • dave c

    correct me if i am wrong, but isn't Samoa Joe still wrestling, or was this a scripted interview through twitter?

    • dave c

      a very good burn, because he and joe had some stellar matches in ROH

  • Nathen

    I respect him even more now for outing himself as an atheist. It takes a lot of courage to say you aren't a believer in a world that doesn't understand that one doesn't have to believe in a god.

  • mjledesma

    He also answered he would have liked to wrestle Bret Hart in his prime. Could you imagine the matches those two would have put together? Tear the house down. #NoScrewJob

  • A2H

    Wasnt Punk lobbying for WWE signing samoa joe?

    • David F.

      Stone Cold also said that WWE should sign Samoa Joe. Joe would be perfect bodyguard for Punk

  • Nick B

    Richard, im on the i pod and when someone replies to someone else the comment is moved to the right. They keep moving to the right to the point where they are off the screen and I can’t read them. This has been happening sinse the site was updated. Is there anyway I can fix this? It bothers me beyond belief.

    • Batman


  • KingKongBrody

    You people need to stop. Take your religion some place else whatever it is it has no place in sports. Wrestling is entertainment baseball, football, MMA, all entertainment its a place to go to forget about your problems and enjoy. I still like C.M. Punk he might not have the same views as me

    (I like a beer with dinner, and I belive in God) but he is a great wrestler and entertainer. Maybe just maybe if we enjoy life and each other and stop trying to convert people to what you think is right we would all get along. Saying something like I won’t cheer for c.m. punk cuz he doesn’t belive in god is like saying you don’t like Mark Henry cuz he’s black or Goldberg cuz he’s Jewish. I’m a bartender for work and any good bartender will tell you when your being trained don’t talk politics, or religion when they come up shut the Fuck up you’ll just get in trouble.

  • Travis Phelps

    CM Punk needs our prays.

    • you need Punks knee to your face

      • Dogface442

        Thank You, This World Needs Less Prayers and More Freethinkers

  • Dan

    It’s people like that that make Punk an atheist.

  • Craig Harrison

    In the States so many things come down to religion. Get a grip guys. I often worry that so many intelligent people believe in 1 supreme being yet science through evolution and the Big Bang shows us more how the universe was created. Stop believing a book of Chinese whispers from 2000 years ago written over 400 years after that and live your life for the now.

    Just because someone like Phil Brooks doesn’t believe he is losing fans shows what a narrow minded world we live in. I would be happy to be proved wron abou God but how many believers are the other way round?

    • The arbiter

      A major current theorey is that the old testament was written by 4 groups of authors around 3000-2500 years ago. This is the documentary thesis and describes the 4 authour groups as the "yahwist, priestly, elohist &deuteronomist" traditions. This explains the changes in writing style and inconsistancies in the text.

      The new testament was likely penned aroung 70-140 AD by multiple authors (The 4 gospels are almost certainly from different writers)…. so while not written immediataly after the death of Jesus, it was probably only 2-4 generations later. (And a lot can change in that time).

      But, like a lot of historical document analysis its all theoretical (Good theorey, with sound science and logic behind it) and no one is 100% on the exact date and authours.

      Just saying that the bible was written 400 years after the death of jesus is also a myth. There is very strong evidence that shows that Constatntine had multiple bibles made and distributed in about 330AD, and he probably wasnt the first.

  • KVB

    Keep it to wrestling people!!! Leave religion alone because all it does is create tension and arguments. We all have beliefs and as long as you have one you can’t argue the fact. If you don’t we’ll that’s your personal choice. Anyways leave it to wrestling please.

  • Sweetonion

    Hey Richard maybe you should make a religion website you got alot of comments lol all this cuz of one word

    • Richard Gray

      Theological study is actually a hobby of mine

  • Matt

    Let's not go judge wrestlers on their personal lives, people. Believe me haha, you don't want that. Personal lives of wrestlers, a lot, are dark and scary places that we don't wanna know ::cough Benoit cough:: Punk at least is man enough to be proud of his life and share it. Besides, Him being an Atheist is as old of news as the sun rising in the morning, have you not paid attention to him for the last 8 years haha.

  • Dale

    I'm Catholic and I could give a damn if Punk believes in God or not. As long as he entertains, why should it matter.?

    And I agree with Matt. I don't think this Atheist business is really news. I think he directed something at Teddy Hart saying "There is no God" or something to that effect.