CM Punk And The Rock In Dispute Over Who Has The Top-Selling Shirt

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The Rock posted that his "Boots to Asses" shirt is "the #1 selling shirt in the WWE Universe" on his official Facebook account today. Soon after, CM Punk retweeted the following tweet on his Twitter account:

The Rock comes up with another lie..Claiming his shirt is the most sold in WWE. We all know it's the @CMPunk T-Shirt, that's most sold.

As of writing, the top selling shirts on are as follows:

1. CM Punk "Best In The World" shirt
2. John Cena "Persevere" shirt
3. Randy Orton "Apex Predator" shirt
4. The Rock "Team Bring It USA" shirt
5. John Cena "Rise Above Hate" shirt
6. The Rock "Boots To Asses" shirt

  • @RatedMKD

    Maybe it's just because it stands out more, what with being white and all, but the Best in the World T-shirt looks to be the best-selling in a long time, based on how many appear in TV taping audiences.

  • H.M.

    Can Dwayne smell what Punk is cooking?

  • Jay

    Didn't the Rock say that he didn't come back for the money? Yet here he is selling t-shirts

    • Ekkz

      WWE is. He's just getting a portion of it and seems fair.

    • H.M.

      He did it for the cheap pop perhaps.

    • Josh in MN

      Didn't the Rock say he was coming back???

  • israel

    it looks like cm punk try to get the rock's attention, maybe has a segment with the rock and maybe steal some charisma from the rock or he is just a jelous asshole

    • Matt scott

      Yea I’d be Jealous too if I was getting the biggest face reaction, was WWE champion, made wrestling relevant again, was widely regarded as the best in the world… You Mark.

      • HATER

        CM PUNK has gotten stale already!

  • Juice Bronson

    The Rock wants to know if you like pancakes…

  • Dave

    The Rock has 2 shirts listed there. Combined I wouldn't be surprised if his shirts were blowing everyone else's out of the water.

    • triple h

      I am sorry my friend, you are wrong. john cena has 2 shirts too and both are in high ranks. hate john cena how much ever you want, but he sells merchs a lot!

      • Matt scott

        To kids, women and marks

        • triple h

          merchandise is merchandise irrespective of who it's sold to! money is money, no matter from whom it comes, for the wwe.

        • Toby Tyler

          Who cares mr 2 first names.

    • Dan

      Even just looking at the list, assuming it is in order, you can see that one of each of Cena's shirts is ahead of one of the Rock's. Logically Cena is outselling.

  • John Cena

    How dare you think The Rock and Punk are out selling my t-shirts.The Rock is a freak.You Can't See Me he always desigrees with every word I have to say.Will I have four words for you The Rock… You Can't See Me!