CM Punk Apologizes For Controversial Tweets, Speaks Directly With Fan He Told To "Kill Yourself"

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CM Punk took to Twitter to apologize for his controversial tweets following his denouncement of North Carolina's proposed Amendment 1, as well as directly apologizing to the fan he said "kill yourself" to. The tweets are compiled below:





  • Keagan

    People, over react much?

  • Blazeking

    Well, if Punk can't say it, I will:

    Homophobes, kill yourselves. We don't need your hate in the world. I never understood why people bother homosexual people so much to the point where they kill people because they are gay and basically dehumanize them like they don't have feelings and bleed the same blood everyone else does It never did make sense to me. Somebody being gay has no effect on me as a person so why should I care about their sexuality like i'm the higher power? I say the same about the haters: Why do *you* care if you aren't being affected by it?

    Stuff like that is why our country is so divided and why the people in power are herding the citizens like sheep. If we're not divided by race, we're divided by sexuality. It's a shame that it's 2012 and it still seems like the civil war never happened.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Pipe bomb!!!

  • Ricky Valdez

    Pipe bomb fail.

  • Jas

    Punk may have said the wrong thing, but the idea he's presenting is so commendable. He should be applauded for his stance on issues that people really need to just get over. He's a sarcastic ass, but we all already knew that. "Kill yourself" shouldn't have been taken as seriously as some fans took it. However, his positive message about equality… THAT needs to be the focal point here.

  • Doc

    Good for Punk for doing the right thing. This other guy may have said something stupid or mean but there's no reason to tell someone to "kill yourself" online or otherwise. Maybe if we tried to better the better man and stay above the others who say hateful things we wouldn't have a world or a political climate that seems so cold and destructive sometimes

  • Robert olley

    I know punk is in the public and he would have suffered for not apologising but I wouldn't have apologised. We are all human,have free speech and can marry who we love no matter the gender.

  • Kevin

    It's good to see that Punk can be a man and admit when he's wrong. I agree with Punk: Homophobia is a hater feeling we just don't need. But Punk is also right when he says he was wrong for telling that fan to "kill yourself". Fighting hate with hate will never work. I believe you should "Kill them with kindness". In the South they say, "You can attract more flies with honey than with vinegar." I applaud Punk, and my Punk Respect Meter just moved up a couple of notches.