CM Punk At UFC Fight Night, WWE Offseason?

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CM Punk at UFC

CM Punk was at UFC Fight Night: Condit vs. Kampmann 2 Wednesday night in Indianapolis, Indiana. Punk was seated cage side near UFC President Dana White.

WWE Offseason?

ESPN's Bill Simmons advocated for a WWE offseason in a new podcast at this link. Simmons said it's hard to believe WWE talent didn't need two months off at times to recuperate from the physicality of the business.

  • Rasputin

    You don’t need an offseason. The solution is simple and I’m surprised no one has thought of it before. All the WWE has to do is mandate 3 months/12 weeks off per year. You can take it in any order you choose, but it’s first come/first serve. So if you want 1 week off a month, 2 weeks every other month, if you want an extra month to recover, or whatever – that’s fine but you better get it in early. Boom, everyone has downtime. No excuses. Heck, with the guaranteed downside 3 months paid vacation is more than almost everyone else gets.

    • Guy Landau

      The problem is almost no-one will opt for it, because vacation can often mean losing your spot. This will only help the established talent.

      • RobUK

        And that guy is the issue. Every sport or tv programme has an off season. It allows its stars or athletes a rest. The fact WWE run talent into the ground, still give them independent contracts and no one takes time off due to the fear of losing there spot is a disgrace in this day and age. If they can’t have an off season then why not alternate house shows and give talent time off that way. Cm punk one week, Cena the next etc.

    • Snap

      I think an off season would still b the best course of action. As WrestleMania is called the “Superbowl of wrestling” it should be the final show of the season, with the next season to start up in July to build towards SummerSlam.

      If WWE had such an off season, guys like Cena wouldn’t be out for up to half a year.

    • AB

      I think some scheduled time off should be a part of the Wellness Policy; it is, after all, crucial to the wellness of the performers.

  • Taylor

    Off season isn’t a bad idea at all… Also allows creative to refresh and come back with better ideas

  • Lebron James

    After Wrestlemania there should be an off season. At least two months. If not that, then have less shows a week. The way these guys get worked is disgusting. 200+ shows a year, no health care benefits? It’s the worst. I hope some higher up intervenes someday and mandates changes. Vince has been getting a way with this shit for far too long.