CM Punk Backs WWE In The Firing Of Abraham Washington

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TMZ caught up with WWE Champion CM Punk and asked him about WWE's decision to fire Abraham Washington. Punk said he doesn't like to see anyone lose their job, but that AW made a rape joke and there isn't anything funny about rape.

You can watch the comments embedded in the video below:

  • The Dude

    Yep. Keep making enemies Punk.

  • Greg

    C m Punk is the worlds biggest hypocrite. Wasnt he just telling a fan too kill themselves a few months ago? So how is that any less serious than what a w said. Dont get me wrong im a punk fan but I dont like how hypocritical he is on things like this. The wwe as a whole are hypocrites plain and simple.

    • Chris

      The difference about punk and aw is punk is a well known star who paid his dews and has always been like that. Say what he wants. Remember Roh when it was cool to listen to him bash ppl. Now u wanna bash him, I think the hypocrites are the ones calling him a hyprcritie.

      • izblack

        STFU. Punk fans are so annoying, they will defend him at any cost even when he is full of ISH

    • Evon Reese

      And told one to drink bleach

  • Cm punk vs AW at wm!

    • Tom

      Stupid game

  • Chris

    OK, read the comments then watch the video, not sure how one got to the other but OK. Punk was asked and he answered, he didn't sound angry or righteous, just gave an honest opinion, guy makes a rape joke on national television, doesn't think that kind of thing is funny, "I don't like anybody lose their job, but if anybodies justified in getting fired."

    Still don't know where these AW fans have come from, everyone was complaining about his annoying gimmick before he got fired, then people are defending him.
    He made a rape joke live on national television, any other line of work, news, talk show, politician, actor, musician, they would just be gone (or have a major pr team going to war for them), why would WWE be any different. Image is everything to WWE, its their fans, sponsors, money, it's common bloody sense, I don't understand what people think they should have done.

    • Ray

      Come on? Doesent anyone remember Tripple H and Katie Vic in the funeral home? Vince should of gave AW a pass 4 that and a warning @ least.

      • Jaycee

        Different time in the WWE. Vince has sponsors and stockholders to answer to now. Not to mention Linda's campaign. It would have been a PR nightmare if he didn't address it.

    • Whammaster

      Obviously chris you havent exactly been keeping up with all the stories about Punk. Punk is a good guy at heart, but he can be a complete jerk as well. What AW did and said, was nothing worse then what Punk has done in the past 3 months.

    • Jaycee

      I totally agree with everything you said, Chris.

  • Terry

    He wasn’t convicted , so it can not be a rape joke .

  • Thumpa

    I am personally sick of CM Punk, I’ve loved him for years but he is such a goody 2 shoes, he bores me to death, his heel turn is the worst thing ever. When he clotheslined Rock 3 weeks ago I was so excited but I am bored now. He will never reach the heights of his 2009 run and to top it off he sticks his oar into everything in real life too like he’s never done anything wrong in his life. He is actually turning into his 2009 character!

  • Ian Myers

    Plus Punk’s tweets were directed towards narrow minded homophobes, so not even any kind of a basis for comparison.

  • Wwe4L76

    What an asskisser

  • _JIM_

    Punk may talk a lot but at least he’s smart enough to not make tasteless jokes about rape on an open mic on national TV. Anybody with half a brain knows that wasn’t going to end well. As far as AW’s recent rants on Twitter goes he has nobody to blame but himself for getting fired. He just couldn’t leave well enough alone after they spared his job and he just had to Tweet that vote or die for Linda McMahon hash-tag. Not a smart move at all and he has nobody to blame other than himself…

  • Willie

    If it wasn’t for #Linda running for office #Aw would still have a job “Case Close”

    • Richard Gray

      I disagree. If AW shows up to last week's TVs humble and apologetic I think he still has a job.

  • Roy1951

    What a dynamic crowd wrestling fans are…lol…Last week people were defending A.W. and his tasteless joke, while criticizing the WWE for being soft and lacking “attitude.”…This week CM Punk comes out and supports WWE’s firing of A.W. and people are disliking any comments that are critical of the his position. And this is why Vince doesn’t make decisions based on the internet audiences unbalanced opinion!

  • Tone

    CM Sucks

  • ghopkins13

    A. W. and and Internet fans are going to blame everybody but A.W. I don’t understand why people are blaming WWE and Linda for his firing. His twitter rampage afterwards shows the lack of character he exhibits.

  • Morgan

    You ppl are all idiots I swear. You can no where near compare anything Punk has ever said to what AW said. So what if Kobe was never convicted it was still a huge deal and nobody but him and the girl know exactly what happened in that room that night. But regardless of all that WWE made a smart business move and it was even more justified when AW went on his little immature rampage all over twitter. Punk just gave his opinion get off of it already and get over yourselves seriously.

  • BigMike

    dont matter to me I thought he was a BAD decision anyway he was annoying and not in a good heel kind of annoying way and he has been in the WWE development and on the main roster for awhile and he has had so many failed gimmicks(( the Abraham Washington Show anyone)) that he was not good at all Im glad he is gone

  • EDFTW67

    Who the hell is aw

  • Stan smith

    I dont think AW has anything to be sorry fir he did what the wwe loves the most he got tge world talking about them. In the WCW days people watched to see what the NWO would do next it should have been the same for AW what will he say next