CM Punk Cameo On Raw Last Week?, Batista Taking Time Off, Breaking Up The Shield, Bully Ray Back In WWE, Venues

Was CM Punk on WWE Raw last Monday?

Several readers claim they saw CM Punk on the stage during the Ultimate Warrior tribute on last week's episode of Monday Night Raw. I've watched the tape and even posted a screen capture on Twitter. I would like to think that if Punk was backstage last week someone would have mentioned it. I've texted people that would have known and they're acting like I'm the biggest mark of all time. Anyways, here's the screen capture just for fun:

As for who the mystery person could have been, people have Tweeted Batista or even Seth Rollins, so just have fun with this. If Punk was there, I'm sure I'll find out soon enough. But it certainly seems unlikely.

Also, to prevent the "clever ones" in the comment area, I'll show you some of the responses I've received so far...

First, the experts:

Now for some light-heartedness...

With Batista taking time off after Extreme Rules, why build the Evolution stable now?

Batista is not listed on the official show listings for upcoming events after Extreme Rules on May 4, 2014. The assumption is he will be taking time off, possibly to help promote Guardians of the Galaxy, which is due out in August. If he does in fact take time off, I still will not be against the reforming of Evolution. Not only does it help from a post-Wrestlemania let down but it helps reestablish Batista as a HEEL. I have no idea why Vince McMahon was determined to bring Batista back as a babyface and even Batista himself told them it wouldn't work. Evolution vs. The Shield has a lot of people excited for next month's special event/pay-per-view, so it has accomplished its goal.

How long will The Shield stay together? Roman Reigns seems to be the first in line for a push, but do you - like most - think all three will be successful as singles wrestlers?

Vince McMahon and Triple H have gone back and forth on breaking up The Shield, with the indecisiveness playing out on television. Roman Reigns is still the first in line to be pushed first, however, I feel all three have very bright futures. I've mentioned numerous times how Reigns was placed with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose so he could "learn on the job" and he's emerged as the favorite. Reigns has more than exceeded expectations and has performed better on the main roster than he did in developmental. This is the exact opposite of what we usually see as often times someone will impress in NXT, only to flop on the main roster.

Who currently employed in TNA Wrestling do you think would have the most success in WWE?

The TNA roster is getting thin with the company opting to spend less on talent, however, if I had to pick one worker it would be Bully Ray. Rumors are swirling about Kurt Angle getting another run in WWE but what about Bully Ray? He's reestablished himself as a singles performer and has shown he has what it takes to be a top guy. As for it actually happening, I doubt it as there are underlying issues between Ray and Triple H.

Why does WWE run in venues that draw 15,000+ instead of bigger arenas that can hold 20,000+?

I get this question a lot and honestly do not understand it. WWE runs in the largest and nicest indoor venues in the United States each week. If you're suggesting they do stadium shows each week, I would think that would be problematic on multiple levels. First, it'd be more expensive, carry a more difficult and lengthy setup process and they obviously cannot control the weather. Further, to assume WWE would be able to sellout large stadiums week in and week out would be a bit overly optimistic.

From the Ask WNW vault…

November 2012: Now that Linda McMahon’s political career seems to be over, can Vince move on to make the product more entertaining? - This was the one million… or should we say $100 million question that we knew would come up following Election Day. I honestly believe Vince McMahon is committed to producing a PG product because of the diverse opportunities it provides WWE in today’s marketplace. The only situation I can see the product reverting back to the days of the Attitude Era is if a viable competitor threatens them. Linda McMahon’s political career has certainly impacted WWE’s programming but her loss won’t produce the immediate creative overhaul some are hoping for.

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  • Anyone want to go into the underlying issues between Ray and Triple H for me?

    • jdl

      Basically it boils down to Triple H being an arrogant man child, and Bully Ray being a self aggrandizing idiot who thought he was better than he actually was. It’s a case of someone who actually was in the main event, whether he deserved it or not, dealing with a low to mid carder who thought he was a main event player. It’s well documented that Ray is an arrogant jerk.

      • TT

        To be fair Bully and Bobby Roode have been two of the best heels in wrestling over the last few years.

        • jdl

          No they haven’t.

          • Whammaster

            Name better. Orton turned into a whinny manchild. Lesner is not on TV for 1/8th of a year. Wyatt’s are cheered, Shield are cheered. Cena is hated, yet a face. Uhm, yup. I guess you can throw in Batista, but hes hated for different reasons rather then what he has done in that ring or backstage. Maybe even HHH.

            You really cant throw in ROH into the conversation as they do not have tv clearance world wide / Nation wide.

          • Couldn’t disagree on Orton more. Anyone who says he’s been whiney lately is knee-jerking.

        • No, they haven’t. They may have been the biggest heals on TNA TV but that’s it. TNA TV is pretty meaningless in the grand scheme. You only register as the biggest *anything* if you’re on WWE TV. That’s not to say Ray isn’t good at what he does. He is. But he’s doing it in tiny creek. His dynamic would have to change to adapt to the bigness of WWE TV and I don’t think it could. TNA is shot somewhat like GCW used to be shot; smaller and more close-up. WWE is shot to look absolutely huge. Ray isn’t big enough to make that work.

  • jdl

    It’s not Punk. Just look at the nose, Punk doesn’t have such a straight down bridge.

  • jman72485

    I think it looks like Ambrose…

  • BIG M

    Reigns is first in line for a push huh.
    I hope not.
    I know everyones big on Reigns right now and while I do think he has improved greatly in the last 6 months I still feel that he is NOT the stand out of the Shield as hard as WWE is trying to push him so.
    I hate the way in the last 4 months WWE has booked the group from the indecision of should/shouldn’t they Split them up and even the way their matches turn out Making it look like the only way the group can win a match is if Reigns hits a spear or a jumping punch (real original finishers BTW) and in the process making Ring Generals like Ambrose and Rollins look worthless.
    And when was the last time Ambrose defended the US Title (the Mark Henry match doesn’t count)
    He’s had some real good matches defending it in the past not only are they making the belt look worthless their not giving Ambrose any recognition he’s to good of a talent in the ring and especially on the mic not to do so.
    Sorry don’t usually rant like this but the Shields booking as of late has left me scratching my head till it bleeds.

    • opie

      Really? Had to post it here, too?

      • BIG M

        Why not it would get more carry here wouldn’t it.
        And besides I don’t see you disagreeing with me.

      • TJ Wilson

        So he posted it twice.
        Doesn’t make him any less right.

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    I love Romans work and I hope he gets his push and if that was Punk it would be out by now. I don’t believe a secret like that can be kept by all those workers since a lot of them are no longer loyal to him.

  • The Breaker

    I second what Richard said about Bully Ray. That man has consistently done amazing work in TNA and is one of the few bright spots on Impact week in and week out. Back in his WWE days I never really thought of him as a guy that could take a company on his back and carry them (yes he was a big part of ECW but this is totally different), but that’s exactly what he’s done for TNA for the past few years.

    • David Jr.

      I would love to see a John Cena vs. Bully Ray feud. I don’t know if I’m in the minority but I think those 2 can have a great feud together.

      • The Breaker

        I would LOVE to see a heel Bully cut a promo on Cena.

  • Brian Kerk

    If it is Batista, it would make sense that he’d stay in the back, put his hood up and keep his head down and not applaud at the end – watch the video, whoever it is is remaining motionless when everyone else starts cheering. Given Batista’s outspokenness on gay rights, and Warrior’s vocally hateful views on the subject, he’d probably want to take as little part in such a tribute as he could, but at the same time not make waves by refusing to go out there entirely.

    • Guest

      I and a lot of others dont know ANYTHING about anybodys view on gay rights. But I see that that is important to you personally, so I guess I understand.

      But I like Batista, and I know Batista respects the hell out of Warrior. Heck, he said that ring shake he does is and was always a tribute to him…so I dont know what youre getting at bro.

      • Brian Kerk

        You don’t know anything about anybody’s views? But you DO know that Batista respects the hell out of Warrior? You’re pretty selective in what you claim to know.

        Or maybe it’s not that you don’t know, but you don’t care? If you don’t know, that’s simply because you never read Warrior’s blog or saw any of the video footage. The man was so obsessed with the subject he actually said that Heath Ledger’s daughter would be better off with him dead, on account of Brokeback Mountain and all. On top of that, he was a racist – his comments about blacks and Muslims were horrendous.

        Maybe it’s possible that Batista, who grew up watching Warrior and did the rope-shake thing, only later found out the awful things Warrior said. You think Batista sits around reading the blogs of washed-up retired wrestlers? He probably didn’t have a clue until recently.

        If you don’t know, fine, your head’s in the sand and maybe you’re happier that way because you don’t like reality getting in the way of your nostalgic feelings. Whatever.

  • Win

    It’s definitely not Punk. It’s also silly to think WWE would rib us during a tribute to a fallen superstar. Even when there is no news about Punk, Richard finds a way to bring him up. Give it a rest already!

  • Win

    It’s Batista people! He was wearing the same damn hoodie during Warrior Week on WWE Network, while talking about his favorite Warrior moments. I guess I’m the only one who watched it.

  • Patrick

    No it was not Seth Rollins or any member of the Shield. wearing the hoodie. when the camera pans the wrestlers on Stage you see all 3 members of the Shield to the right of the mystery person before you see him behind Big Show.

  • TT

    Whoever is the person wearing the hood they are acting like a douche, a tribute to one of the greatest wrestlers ever and he is wearing his hood up completely disrespectful. If its Punk then I suppose he wanted to be there but not be seen. But more than likely it was that idiot Batista once again acting like the tool he is.

    • Guest

      SMH! Tool?? Ok bro.

      • TT

        Any other suggestion?

        • It’s just a hoodie. It likely isn’t that deep.

          • TT

            Still lowering it for just that one moment is an easy and respectful thing to do.

  • David F.

    It would be nice if WWE held a RAW or PPV at United Center every once in a while. WWE can certainly sell out the UC with Chicago’s passion for wrestling plus the pops would be much louder than Allstate.

    I feel Austin Aries could be big time player in WWE if given the chance

  • Guest

    It’s Batista, I deleted it off my DVR so I had to go find it online, so it’s not top quality. But this is the most amount of his face you can see throughout the segment. But Batista was nowhere else on the stage.

  • Mike McCarthy

    It’s Batista. I already deleted the episode off my DVR so I had to do some hunting on the internet. But if the hood is Punk then that means Batista blew off the segment, which we all know wouldn’t happen.

  • Sloppy? He’s supposed to look like a loose cannon. I don’t get this at all.

  • Jaryd

    Richard, in relation to you not being sure whether to call them PPVs or “special events”, I would stick with PPV. Even if they literally aren’t PPVs anymore soon, it’ll just end up being the synonym for the big monthly event. In the same way that a touchdown is called that because you used to have to touch the ball down on the ground, even though that’s not the case anymore!

  • Mandy

    Before I was for The Shield breaking up but I think right now they are stronger as a team.

  • _JIM_

    That REALLY looks like Punk. It would be in poor taste to put a fake Punk out there, at a tribute for a person who just died, to fool the fans. It has to be someone who unintentionally looks like Punk.

  • Jay El Bee

    After re-watching the 10 bell salute in HD from the few different angles they showed it was definitely Batista. Being almost as tall as the 6’7″ Jack Swagger with his head down should have made it pretty obvious that it wasn’t Punk, Rollins or anyone like that.