CM Punk Carried Out Of Raw, John Cena Ill, Why Rey Mysterio Missed Raw

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- WWE Champion CM Punk was carried out of this week's WWE Raw after Ryback's "attack" on him. Below is footage:

John Cena was battling an illness at WWE Raw but nothing that will keep him from working the pay-per-view.

- Rey Mysterio missed WWE Raw due to a personal issue and could miss further time as well. The issue is undisclosed.

  • Rey is out again? What a run of bad luck

    • William Shatner

      Does this really come as a surprise to anyone? Rey is too old and beaten up these days to perform at the level we all expect. He should take a page from the Undertaker's book and retire soon. He'll likely end up crippled permanently if he doesn't.

  • William Shatner

    When I read that headline I thought Cena had had a kid with someone. I read it as John Cena III, as in Roman numerals, not John cena ill.

  • Bob Hope

    Prob more ped’s and suspended for life bc he’s such a great guy and role model for the kids.

  • Kevin

    So, was the Cena being carried out thing a true injury, or a kayfabe storyline?

  • Kevin

    Oops, I meant Punk being carried out. I had Cena on the brain and typed the wrong name.