CM Punk Getting Colt Cabana A Job, Why We Redesigned The Site, Brock Lesnar On Raw, Change In Sheamus' Status?

Now that CM Punk has a lot of backstage influence, do you see him trying to bring back Colt Cabana a/k/a Scotty Goldman?

CM Punk attempted to get Colt Cabana re-hired during his contract negotiations with WWE last year. Cabana was given a tryout match but wasn't hired. Punk has considerable influence backstage and is seen as the reason why Paul Heyman is in the position he is in so I can't give you a clear explanation as to why Cabana is not with WWE.

Can you briefly detail the redesign of the website?

We redesigned the website so it would be responsive depending on the device in which you use to read it. For example, if you are viewing on your smart phone or tablet, the device automatically recognizes this and resizes the website so you can read it. Our old design used to deliver a separate "mobile-friendly" or "tablet-friendly" design, not only was this hard on our server but it altered the website so all features were not available. Now no matter where you read you can be assured you have the full website and not a stripped down version.

When should we expect Brock Lesnar back on WWE Raw?

WWE won't have Brock Lesnar on Raw until they plan on using him for another pay-per-view match. The talk was that he would work Survivor Series but given the fact he didn't appear last week and the company is overseas for two weeks, that appears to be less-likely. He could always be used on the 11/12 episode of Raw, the go-home to Survivor Series, but a one week build would be illogical.

Was the decision to take the World Heavyweight Championship off Sheamus a sign WWE is losing faith in his ability to carry Smackdown?

No, the decision to take the World Heavyweight Championship off Sheamus was a call from creative and not any type of punishment or change in his status backstage. Triple H sees Sheamus as one of the future faces of WWE and while not everyone is as high up on him, he is still a main event talent despite losing the title. There are plans for his program with Big Show to continue into a match at Survivor Series.

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  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Brock will be back, but with whom will he be feuding? Please don't say Triple H again. SummerSlam as the curtain fall between those two are great enough. Hope they find someone else like Daniel Bryan or Randy Orton to feud with Lesnar.

  • JonnyVC

    Surely the easy thing for creative to do looking forward would be an ‘irresistible force versus the unmovable object’ aka Ryback V’s Lesnar, my opinion the only interesting path for either of them going forward?

  • Tony23

    Cabana is garbage and should never be brought back by WWE

    • Andrew Ace

      Lol I 2nd that

    • Logan_Walker

      Exactly, that copa cabana moron who uses a singlet will never get anywhere.

      • Chip Walker

        Who’s Colt Cabana?

  • Robi

    At the Ohio Comic Con, CM Punk was asked about Colt Cabana being hired by the WWE & Punk's answer was " Cross your fingers & knock on wood we might have some good news very soon in the near future "

    CM Punk not only got Heyman his job but he has taken credit for the WWE hiring Seth Rollins (Tyler Black), Antonio Cesaro (Claudio Castagnoli), Kassius Ohno (Chris Hero) & Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley)

    I know for a fact he got Sara Del Ray her job as a trainer at FCW.

    Here is the video:

    • Richard Gray

      CM Punk and Daniel Bryan collectively tore down the wall for ROH talent

  • Tim

    Brock should be brought back as a sit in against ryback, that would be a main event

  • Mark3man

    Can I ask a quick question to American readers? When do your clocks change to winter time. I’m really enjoying watching raw at midnight instead of 1am, that extra hour helps me enjoy Raw. but ill lose that when your clocks go back like ours have.

    • KingKongBrody

      They just turned back saturday night

    • J-Dub

      Ask Benjamin Franklin! He's the creator of Daylight Savings Time!

    • Kaossy

      Time change was this past weekend here in the states. Nov. 5th at 2am.

  • Ellen

    The new design for your website is great! Love it.

    Brock Lesnar should just collect his check, take Rena on the road, and go somewhere far, far away.

  • Mike B

    I’m not sure if colt would take a job offer from them at this point. Sort of like Richard, I think Colt is very comfortable with his role in the business. He’s a great example of one of the best talkers in the game using his abilities to further his fan base. I bet at least a third of the WWE listens to the Art of Wrestling podcast, and I bet the majority of the roster can’t hold an interview like that, which he does with people every week. Definitely a great performer, and the wwe really whiffed with creative on his character. Boom boom would have been great to tag with Kofi to blend his old school style with Kingston’s high flying. We’ll see what happens in the future, but I’m betting nobody thought of that combo til I just brought it up.

  • Btb

    I would love to see Lesnar face Undertaker at Wrestlemania. There aren’t too many credible challengers left for UT in the system.

    • Jay

      Undertaker isnt having anymore matches, he's done

    • Gary

      Yeah…lets see MORE matches that have already happened. ::sigh:: Any match with Undertaker has to be a match that the fans actually think the challenger has a legitimate shot of going over or will be indeed booked to go over. Lesnar does not so the match itself is pointless b/c the outcome isn't in question. The only two that could be at this time are Cena or Punk….or, I hate to say it, Ryback, based on how hot he might be in 5 months time.

  • BigD

    Why is Taker done?

  • BigMike

    they should have never brought lesnar back… end of story

  • Steven

    They should build Ted DiBiase Jr from now until WrestleMania, then have Undertaker come full circle, losing the streak. For those that don't know Ted DiBiase Sr (kayfabe) brought Undertake in. Would make so much sense, establishing another main event star, therefore will not happen.

    • Gary

      Definitely not.

    • Kevin

      The problem is that the Undertaker won't lose his streak. I believe he'll go down in history as the only WWE Superstar to never lose a Wrestlemania match. Just like no one will ever be a 17 time WWE Champion; Ric Flair holds the record at 16, and they won't let anyone break it.