CM Punk Cut Up After Table Spot, New WWE Champion

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WWE Night of Champions news…

- CM Punk suffered a cut to his back after being put through a table by Ryback during the No DQ Elimination Handicap Match at WWE Night of Champions. Punk was visibly bleeding but worked all the way to the back, "not allowing" medical personnel to touch him.

- Daniel Bryan beat Randy Orton at Night of Champions to win the WWE Championship. The match featured a clean outcome with a pinfall victory.

  • jdl

    I’m all for Bryan getting a title reign, but it doesn’t really make sense story wise, they should have held off until at least Survivor Series. I’m now expecting Bryan to be forced to defend it on Raw tomorrow and to lose the title.

    • devin steele

      you sure love to flip-flop..typical iwc’er

      • jdl

        I do… and what’s an IWC’er? If you’re referring to the angry internet fanbase that likes to shout and scream, then such a moniker does not fit on me as I’m only a casual fan of wrestling.

        • Nostaljack

          How casual a fan can you be if you’re here commenting as consistently as you do?

  • ChadiHmaied

    It’s a Fast Count by the reff

  • DanJackson

    I am still trying to figure out the point in the original ref getting knocked out of the match. Normally that signals some form of cheating, interference, or missed pin but none of that occurred Are they going to say that he suffered a concussion and wasn’t medically able to officiate the match? The bump was clearly staged, so it makes no sense..

  • devin steele

    something smells fishy here….that ref is gonna cost bryan the title by hhh stripping bryan of the title because of some flim-flam excuse or he will have to defend it tomorrow night against orton

  • Rt

    Great. Sloppy ryback once again not taking care of somewhere he’s working with.

    • Rt


    • BIG M

      It was just a scratch mate its not like the Hardcore Holly table spot when the cut in his back went to the muscle hell it wasn’t even a bleeder a little line of red was all it was calm down.

      • Pauluk

        Punks had worse, he probably wasn’t even bothered by it.

        • BIG M

          Exactly what I said.
          Don’t know why WNW is even reporting it.

  • Scott Davies

    I bet Richard was dancing around the room screaming Yes when Bryan won the title lol

  • It’s pretty logical that The Decision will be reversed on RAW due to the fast count. Think Y2J/HHH Title Change Storyline. But for one night Daniel Bryan is the WWE Champion.

  • Danny_Boy

    Aww poor CM Punk, he got a booboo. Let’s make sure he get’s tucked in bed and takes his advil.

    • BIG M

      Dont know why they are reporting this it was just a light scratch not deep just long don’t think Punk even noticed it.
      Its not like the deep cut Hardcore Holly cooped a few years back.
      And BTW like to see you get driven into a table by a guy the size of Ryback and see if you even walk away let alone cry about a scratch tough guy.

  • eskymi

    Well at least for a brief respite Orton does not have belt. I know they’ll give it back to him tonight on RAW (which means more fast forwarding for this Orton hater) but at least he lost for 1 night.

    Hell if HHH took the belt away but was “upset” at Orton for “letting him down,” I wouldn’t care that Daniel is not champ as it’s not so much about Bryan being champion as it is I don’t want Orton anywhere near the title.

  • WrestlingFan4Life

    The only swerve here is that it was Ryback, and not Lesnar, who saved Heyman. So are we looking at the new Lesnar in Ryback, or is it possible that Ryback will REPLACE Lesnar, thus leading to a Lesnar v. Ryback PPV match? As for Bryan winning, I hoped he would, but wasn’t sure the WWE would actually let him. I wasn’t convinced that all the heat on Bryan that was shown on TV was all part of the storyline; I thought that perhaps he had done something backstage to bring this on him. I’m glad he won; he is one of the few who has actually EARNED his title reign through blood, sweat, and tears, not by politicing backstage or marrying the boss’ daughter.