CM Punk & Daniel Bryan As Long-Term Champions, The Risk With The WWE Network, Knockouts vs. Divas, Ric Flair's Induction

2011 saw 9 World Heavyweight Champions and 8 WWE Champions. How would you feel if CM Punk and Daniel Bryan were to hold on to their respective championships for the year 2012 or at least until SummerSlam 2012?

I will be the first to admit there were far too many title changes last year. I believe in the old school mentality of long title reigns with several successful title defenses. I feel this not only benefits the champion but it also makes the title they hold more prestigious. The problem in WWE has been they will put the title on someone they do not see as a "top guy." Therefore they'll go on to have a very mediocre reign with all disputed title defense outcomes. I feared this would be the case with Daniel Bryan but so far the heel turn has provided an avenue for him to have successful title defenses. I wouldn't be opposed to both Bryan and CM Punk holding their respective titles throughout the year but I do not think it is likely.

With all the risks that the WWE Network could be a failure, is it going to be a big blow to the WWE finances just like the XFL was?

Some people close to WWE feel that if the WWE Network fails it could be the one project that could land Vince McMahon in financial trouble. The XFL would have continued if it weren't for problems with television clearance. While NBC nixed their coverage after the premiere season due to low ratings, the XFL still had clearances on UPN and TNN. However, UPN demanded that Smackdown be cut to 90 minutes if they were to going to continue broadcasting XFL games. Vince McMahon didn't want to cut Smackdown and thus pulled the plug on the league. While the XFL under performed in the ratings, it wasn't a big blow financially for WWE as it was financially solvent. What troubles a lot of people about the WWE Network is the lack of clearance gained. Company resources are being pooled together to create new original programming, however, the network hasn't gained enough clearance to make its projected April 1, 2012 debut date. The idea was for WWE to begin promoting the launch of the network in hopes the fan response would be enough to gain support on both cable and satellite systems, but as of this writing, there are major questions about clearance.

Do you think with the current bookings of the TNA Knockouts division that the WWE could take a lesson from them and actually use the Divas as more than just eye-candy or time fillers? I understand WWE doesn't really look towards talent in the ring, so to speak, when it comes to Divas but even this WWE fan would rather watch the Knockouts.

Vince McMahon has a different philosophy when pushing female talent as he also does with pushing male talent. In-ring abilities have never been the focus in WWE because McMahon understands the company has to cater to several different demographics. There is always a lot of frustration from Internet fans and even the Divas themselves but McMahon has a philosophy he feels is effective. I will say the Natalya "farting" gimmick is disgusting and Vince's immaturity at its worst.

What does WWE plan to do about Ric Flair when the Four Horsemen are inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame next month as Flair is under contract with TNA?

Ric Flair has said he will be on stage with the other Four Horsemen members being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Apparently Dixie Carter has no problem with the induction and Flair obviously still has great relationships with Triple H and Vince McMahon. If anything, I think it shows how little of a threat Vince McMahon sees TNA. He would never highlight a worker under contract with a competitor if he felt they were a threat to his business.

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  • Maze

    I think the farting gimmick was awesome especially Santos reaction. Priceless.

    • Chris

      Are you 8?

    • Blazeking

      Santino's reaction: funny
      Natalya's farting gimmick itself: Bret & Jim screaming "The hell is this?"

  • Alex Rodriguez

    I really really really think Bryan is gonna walk out of the champion still world heavyweight champion! (Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!) but I don’t know if he would retain it at WM. The way I see it, we should be thanking WWE for allowing Bryan to hold the title for this long. Remember Christian? The very first time they let him be champion, they made him drop the title only two days later! Then his second reign was a bit longer but I think it didn’t last as long as Bryan’s.

  • Howard Stern

    The farting was seriously one of the worst things WWE has tried to make us watch. And I'm sure it's going to be happening every week now for at least 2 months.

    • Dangerous Lee

      ….This coming from the fartman himself, Howard Stern?

    • cristina

      And this is exactly why Linda McMahon will lose again. How can ANYONE take her seriously as a woman of strong character when her own husband belittles women every week on tv? To use a farting storyline on a woman who just might be one of the most technically gifted women in WWE history, and a product of the Hart family is beyond disgusting. It's really more than I am willing to tolerate and SD will not be seeing ratings from my household anytime soon. Tell me would they ever stick that self-absorbed Randy Orton in a humiliating story like this?

      • Goat

        2 things. Linda McMahon will lose due to a severe lack in political knowledge, why vote a woman who gained popularity through her husband's company? And secondly, Natalya's awful, she needs to actually wrestle before you can say she's technically gifted.

        • cristina

          Natalya Neidhart is awful? What makes you say that? Because she's on a losing streak? You do realize that WWE scripts her to look like a fool right? That woman when given the opportunity can wrestle like the Hart that she is. I guess you're into the half-wit Barbie doll types…

  • stoney

    Farting gimmick is worse than the Piggy James Storyline

  • Nick

    One of the many reasons why I don't watch Smackdown.

  • Bogusstang

    Its odd though. Lacey Von Erich was the worst female wrestler I have ever seen. But I would bring her back in a heartbeat!

  • Fernandi

    I beg to differ on that last article. There has to be some kind of connection between them now. Last year I went to a RAW show in Portland and was in the front row opposite the cameras, and had my “Bischoff fears McMahon” poster taken away. Security said WWE didn’t allow a competitors name on a broadcast. Look for it on YouTube it’s last years RAW show in Portland. You will only see the sign like twice and never again