CM Punk Denied Entry Into Madison Square Garden Earlier Today

There was an incident today at Madison Square Garden where security wouldn't allow CM Punk in the venue. Apparently the security guard didn't believe it was Punk. The WWE Champion Tweeted about the experience:

Punk was eventually able to get into the venue and will work tonight's show in New York City. If you're attending, please submit a live report.

  • kbunyon

    That's hysterical! When something like that happens, you just have to laugh.

    How did he not believe he was Punk? Was he wearing a suit or something?


    • lukey

      I don’t think he’s a suit wearer? He is radio distinguishable with his tattoos and all so something must have been up, hoodie maybe

      • kbunyon

        Actually, I'd love to see Punk in a suit. Anyone know if there's any video of him in a HOF audience in a suit?

        If not I'll have to watch closely next year.


        • lukey

          Saw a photo on twitter he was wearing a sweater and a hat. Elaborate disguise

        • Steve

          He wears a suit in Ring of Honor. Check out the event “Sign of Dishonor”.

  • Bobby

    It’s funny. The security guy probably didn’t believe him because he looks nothing like a pro wrestler lol

  • Owen

    Punk should give that stupid security guard the Anaconda Vice.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    the security guard needs glasses how can you not reconize CM Punk even if the guard is not a Wrestling Fan. I mean "Hello" Punk has his ID with his picture on it from the DMV (if he drives) did he think the ID was Fake.

    the security guard must have looked like a fool when someone in WWE confermed it was CM Punk.

    • Logan_Walker

      i know dont they go to the event around the same time as all the other staff/Wrestlers

      and for the gard not to know CM PUNK :O

  • cm_punk23

    or maybe punk was carrying some beer with him 😀
    that would explain why didn't the security guy recognize Punk.

  • Lmao that guard had to be a dumbass to not know it was CM Punk there was probably advertisements all over the arena with Punk on it

  • Tonywwefan

    Wow throw that securty guard in the dungeon how can he not believe CM Punk is CM Punk the best in the world…

  • Steveuk007

    Awesome, it happens to me too when I turn up at arenas and tell them I’m WWE Champion.

    Batista will be loving this….

  • phillieblizzle

    “You want to see my ticket? Here’s my ticket..” (holds up WWE Title)

  • John

    Punk wore a suit when he was dressed as a gangster as part of John cenas entrance at wrestlemania

  • spikewestphal

    did the security ask him to show him his pepsi tattoo

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