CM Punk Discusses Beef With The Rock, Turning Heel, Retirement

Gordon Holmes has a new article online featuring quotes from CM Punk. Below is an excerpt:

Beef with The Rock:

Gordon Holmes: At Raw 1000 you shocked the world when you made the Rock eat your knee. What inspired that sudden move?

CM Punk: I don’t think it was sudden at all. I’d been very vocal about the Rock coming back and cherry-picking the days he comes in. So, when he comes in I’m going to smack him in the face.

Holmes: And how did it feel to finally act out on that?

Punk: It felt very good. It felt like instead of talking that I was backing it up with action.

Holmes: For those who are unfamiliar with your complaints about the Rock, why exactly did you make that move?

Punk: I just think there are a lot of people who work their asses off here. I’m here 24/7, 365 days a year and he’s here like three days a year. So when he comes in here and tries to lay claim to our success and things people have worked hard to establish, it’s a little offensive.

Heel turn:

Holmes: This past year has been pretty amazing for you. And all throughout this, I don’t want to say you were clean-cut, because you’re not, but you were clearly the good guy. Now there seems to be more shades of grey in your character. What is your goal with that?

Punk: I think the goal is to just be myself. Not try to play a character; I’m trying to be me. The best characters in wrestling and sports entertainment are just extensions of themselves. I think the Rock is a great character because that’s him. He’s larger than life. He dials himself up to eleven.

Holmes: But it does feel like there’s a bit of an edge after Raw 1000. Were you holding back before?

Punk: I wouldn’t say I was holding back. There are necessary evils to everything. And, it’s a television show. You can’t show all your cards. We need things to do on a weekly basis and this is a progression of the storyline.

Holmes: What kind of feedback have you been getting about the recent change?

Punk: It varies from extremely positive, like “Welcome back, Punk” to “You’ve turned your back on the WWE Universe.” I think it’s very interesting and dynamic because I really haven’t done anything bad.


Holmes: I was reading about your appearance at Chicago Comic Con, and you spoke of a retirement looming in the future. Is that accurate?

Punk: Well, eventually. I’m not going to wrestle forever.

Holmes: Well, yeah.

Punk: (Laughs) I would definitely say I’ve passed the middle point of my career for sure.

Holmes: What goals remain for you?

Punk: Not many. I kind of want to make a few guys and girls. And I think I’ve done a little bit of that with AJ (Lee). I want to make sure there’s a future for the wrestling business when I leave. I want to make sure there are people that fill that void.

Holmes: Are you someone who could just stop, or do you have some Terry Funk in you and we’ll see you two weeks after your retirement?

Punk: I don’t know. I can’t really figure that out. I’ve never done nothing, I’ve never had a break. Maybe I’d miss it in a year.

Holmes: Chris Jericho seems to do it right. It’s almost like he’s got a territory thing going on where he can wrestle, then take a break to let the people miss him, then come back.

Punk: I think that’s a smart thing for anybody. Look at anybody in our industry who’s been injured for any period of time. Like Triple H for instance, he tore his quad and when he came back the response for him was overwhelming. That kind of put him on a new level.

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  • Cant Fool Me…

    Give it a rest already…This guy is in the news and gains attention for everything except his wrestling ability…Every time he's been interviewed this year he's been asked question about other people…Angle, Chris Brown, Jon Jones and the Rock…As much as he despises the Rock, he makes sure to use his name and accept every question about him to get mainstream attention…I smell what your cooking' Punk! Thats what you call a Chi-Town Hustle.

  • Evon Reese

    I bet The Rock is loving this. If Punk was as great as he thinks he is there would be no need for The Rock or Lesner. He may work his ass off but he just climb over the hill or know how. He needs The Rock way more than The Rock needs him.

    • Big D

      It's not that the WWE needs Rock because of Punk. It's the fact that Vince went psycho with the whole PG initiative, and it turned a lot of people that they had gotten during the AE back off of the product. At the head of that, if you've had RAW on mute for the past 6 years, is Cena.

      • Andre

        The PG programming is Punk's fault. The whole I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs is as PG/G as your gonna get. Listening too Punk talk is like listening too a D.A.R.E teacher from elementry

  • paulw3000

    Erm… You guys do know that some of this interview was in character… Marks…

    • Mr. Smark!

      You gotta love cheap "pops!" ^

  • BigMike

    Punk does not hate the Rock he might not like him but he does not dislike him he does not like the way his persona is written into WWE programming he has respect for Dwayne but not enough to be his mark which is good. Jericho left for awhile to heal up and do other things HHH leaves for awhile for same reasons or to rehab an injury in my memory the one who really set the tone for doing this was Roddy Piper back in the 80's he would work for awhile leave for atime then come back fresh and still in people's heads and repeatr and it was GENIUS!!! he never really lost his spot when he left as many stars back then and even now would do but Piper was an original and could nto be replaced

  • Daniel

    I like how alot of you guys actually think this is real, he’s playing you guys for the rivalry, it’s wrestling, the best rivalries are the rivalries that feel real.

  • Ruehl925

    Punk says hes on the road 24/7 375 days a year. But the rock has already done that, and was good at doing it. So punk should show some respect. The rock is only helping WWE not hurting i, or at least thats is what i think

    • Chris

      The rock doesn’t show respect just because he done it means he is the greatest of all time. He comes back to pick what he wants to do says he will never leave, and does. All of y’all need to get off the rock band wagon he isn’t worth shit anymore. Let the rock come back for one whole year and I’ll treat him like I use to. Now, he just needs to shut up and go away.

      • HOGAN

        You must be another dumb CM punk fan