CM Punk Discusses Criticism Of The Rock Returning To WWE

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Wrestling News World reader Mike Buda sent in the following:

This is Mike Buda with Top Rope Radio (every Tuesday 3-5pm CT) on We recently interviewed CM Punk at Wizard World in Chicago and he talked about the changes to the WWE over the past year, how he's changed since entering the company and The Rock getting a shot at the WWE title. Here are the highlights of the interview:

On the the Rock getting a chance at his title at Royal Rumble:

"I think it's fantastic since he's getting a title shot against me if I last that long. It's nice to be vocally against somebody who's just being handed things and then being the roadblock. Obviously, I was very vocal about Dwayne just marching in and getting to cherry-pick what days he shows up when he actually wants to be motivated to work and now he's going to be in the ring with me. There's no bringing 30 percent and there's no days off. It's me, it's 100 percent me and it's going to be a challenge for Dwayne."

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  • Daniel Lim'ass

    As much as I'm a fan of The Rock, I'm actually agreed with CM Punk. Rock-Punk clash for the title will be epic.

  • Matt

    I very much want to see CM Punk vs The Rock. I also wanna see CM Punk be champion for all of 2012. Such credibility for the belt has been lacking in the last decade or so.

  • havoc525

    I have a feeling Brock somehow wins the title, Rock takes it off him at the Rumble, Cena wins the Rumble and has his rematch with the Rock at Mania.

  • Andre

    It's funny how everybody agrees with Punk about The Rock, b/c the same people ripped HHH when he made the same comments before WM27 about The Rock just coming back & taking the . And Punk fans killed the WWE when Cena held the strap fro a long time in 06-07 and now there saying they want Punk too hold for all of 2012 smh, Punk fans are as big of hypercrites as CM Punk or even more so SMDH

    • I agree, I think this new found hype for punk has gone too far. Apparently punk can do no wrong these days but i disagree with every wrestler who says rock and brock is coming back and taking their spot. take these points into consideration.

      1 – If the wwe was doing as well as it should then there would be no need to bring back past stars. Instead of b****ing about what someone else is doing, work hard, improve on the mic and in the ring, get over anyways you can and give vince a reason to not call on past stars.

      2 – This whole i'm here everyday giving 100% is annoying. are you guys implying that when these stars were here that they only gave 50%? It's a situation of been there done that with brock and rock. They were amazing during their time but they wanted to do sometime more with their career. More money less traveling in their new jobs, sounds like a bloody bargain to me. You won't turn down a promotion just because your friend is in line for it as well.

      3 – Let's do some math now. they come back, probably appear like 6-12 times over the course of a wwe season, maybe less. there is a raw and smackdown every week plus PPV and even house shows. how exactly are they taking spots away from anyone. you basically have so much time to make a name for yourself, to make a statement that when their cameo is done, i'm next in line for main event. heck it beats having cena randy apparently punk now, switch titles between them.

      4 – Yes some wrestlers have wrestling as their passion but others do it for the money or because it's the only thing they can do. What else is punk or triple h or cena good at that can make them more than the wwe cause apparently any superstar that can get better payment for less work has left. Kurt, booker t who probably still had something left in the tank bolted for tna and that was less money. WWE is hectic, it's a lot of stress on the body so why won't anyone wanna quit for something better. Unless Punk or cena have something better to head too, their claims of loyalty don't mean anything to me. Anyone can make those claims when not given an option.

      so it's just simple as stepping up your game and make vince believe in you more than the rock or brock.

      • Evon Reese

        You are right. If the WWE stars were as big as they think they are there's no way money would be spent bringing back past stars. The fact is the past is very much needed for the future. Im sick of hearing I'm the best in the world and then making his living off of someone else's back. If Punk could be featured as the main event he would be. Do Punk fans really think he can carry a Pay Per View event as the main eventer? He can't and Daniel Bryan can not. That's why Jericho is back along with Lesner and The Rock. They are needed.

  • bruno

    As usual, punk is always right. Silly fans

  • Andre

    Finally some wrestling fans on here that don't kiss Punk's ass all the time