CM Punk Discusses Possible Future Matches With "Stone Cold" Steve Austin & The Rock

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MachinimaSports recently conducted an interview with CM Punk to promote the upcoming WWE '13 video game. In the interview, he discusses how he feels about being on the cover of the game, who he looks forward to playing against, and more. In the following excerpt, Punk responds to being asked if a match with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin will ever happen:

"It's not up to me. I'll fight Muhammad Ali, I'll fight Rin Tin Tin, I'll fight anybody. Steve Austin knows that. He's got a bum wheel, he said? We'll see about next year, see what's hurt or injured or what else the excuse will be come next year. I'm not a hard guy to find, I'm the WWE Champion."

Punk also weighed in on a possible future match with The Rock:

"Make no mistake about it, WWE's no joke, any Sunday I could lose this title, I could lose this title tomorrow. I don't plan on it, but I'm saying that the possibility lies within. I have to hold on to this... I have to hold on to this until The Royal Rumble so I can shut Rock up myself, because that's what I've wanted to do for years and I'm gonna get my chance... Rock, you know what's comin' for you. There's a reason why he's been silent, and it's not because he's busy shooting a movie, he knows this time he's finally bitten off more than he can chew."

The video is embedded below:

  • Blake

    Brodus clay just walks by

  • Dave Barton

    Rock & Austin cut similar promos (and beatdowns) in the past & were cheered for it. But this is PG-era, we have to boo Punk now.


    • Austin 3:16

      Punk is the reason for PG with all of his straight edge I don't drink, smoke, do drugs PBS sesame street promos he cuts everyweek. And for the Punk fans who wanna debate me or dislike my comment on that then go check the date when WWE/Vince switched over from PG13 too PG, and you'll realize that it was a little after Punk won the title for the 1st time. People blame Cena for PG but in reality Punk is the reason for it.

      • Dave Barton

        I respect that you have such a strong opinion, but I disagree. I still see Cena as the catalyst, because he's the one who has so many kids for fans (especially for his work with Make-a-Wish). I don't feel they push Punk's straight edge beliefs nearly enough for him to make that big of a difference between PG & PG-13…if anything, Punk's pipebomb promos (and I mean the shoot-style promos, not the watered down ones they had him doing) reached out to the older fans who wanted "superstars" to be "wrestlers" and who wanted "sports entertainment" to be "pro wrestling."

  • H.M.

    I hope Punk remains in WWE for many years to come. His little persona change has really gotten me excited again. Despite a rather watered down gimmick this past year I have to admit that his title reign has been very fun to watch. I actually hope they keep the title on him until Royal Rumble although Punk/Rock might best be saved for WM 29 if not Punk/Austin.

    • Bigdaddychuck

      If I was to book it I would have Austin cost Punk the title at Royal Rumble to set up their match at Wrestlemania

    • Austin 3:16

      Wha the hell are you smoking, Punk's title reign has been the most boring title reign in recent history, I'm talking Diesel in 95 boring. He's had too have everybody in the ring he's faced carry him. All of his promos are just him crying & bitching about how he gets no respect. How is that so exciting. And BTW, Punk in the main event at WM would be a horrible idea. That wouldn't bring in half the ratings that Cena/Rock got.

  • Marxus

    I couldnt agree more. Its time for the attitude era to return. Cm punk is nothing more then a boring loud mouth who dosnt deserve the title. What about kane or randy orton? The champion should be someone with talent and charisma. Not a b rated superstar who cant hold the fans attention for five minutes. Wwe should do the world a favor and cut him from the roster

  • Marxus

    Oh and punk is good for one thing, killing my desire to continue watching wwe programing. I loved wwe but with stars like cm punk tna is begin to look more and more like the programing I loved. Sure fjey cant promote ass swell as wwe but I dont see them constantly putting weak charchters in strong roles. The wwe needs a strong face and punk is far from it. Agree r disagree, it dosnt matter, the fact still remains, the wod wants great wrestleing and punk is far from it.

    • Eddie

      You seriously think punk is not a good wrestler?? Or that his Mic skills are poor??? He had the whole iwc on it’s toes with a single promo… and if you think he was being carried by his opponent in the ring, either you are a cena fan or you’re just here to take out your frustration because you don’t know the meaning of kayfabe and actually think punk had turned his back on you…..