CM Punk Does Lengthy Q&A: Discusses His Least Favorite Opponent, Who He Wants To Get Into A WWE Ring, His Tattoos, More

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CM Punk recently did a lengthy Q&A session with Beneath The Mat, in which he discusses a myriad of topics, including his toughest opponent, his tattoos,  who he'd like to bring in from the indy scene, the origin of his name, his detractors, and much more. In an interesting note, when asked who his least favorite wrestler to work with in WWE was, Punk said Elijah Burke (The Pope in Impact Wrestling), calling him a diva. The two part session is embedded below:

  • kyle

    I seriously love these CM Punk interviews. I could watch these for days. I can't wait for a CM Punk DVD.

  • JakShowtime

    I want that shirt.

  • Glen

    Wow so many


  • Glen

    Wow so many little kids present, they must have thought it was John Cena

    Who was Gonna be there. But in all seriousness, that was a

    Great interview!

  • AJG316


  • Hardy

    Quite an old interview since its the day after TLC but worth the watch.

  • sean

    great interview and a guy who in a lot of ways is Cena's polar opposite is giving him credit he deserves who also knows what goes on backstage then why doesn't all the people who hate on Cena for no reason