CM Punk & Eve Film Cooking Show, AW Endorses Linda McMahon For Senate, NJPW Parent Company Co-Sponsors WWE Tour Of Japan

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- WWE Champion CM Punk and Eve Torres filmed a cooking special with celebrity chef Graham Elliot. Elliot posted a photo with the WWE stars on Twitter calling it a "culinary/wrestling smackdown." You can view it embedded below:

- Remember our coverage from the Linda McMahon campaign trail? How about Vince McMahon being close to firing Abraham Washington? In an interesting twist, AW has come out and publicly supported McMahon for Senate:

- Some found it interesting that the parent company of New Japan Pro Wrestling, Bushiroad, co-sponsored this week's WWE Smackdown live events in Japan.

  • Ellen

    AW endorsing Linda McMahon – poor Mrs. McMahon.

  • AnacondaVise

    "The best cooking in the WORLD!"

  • Matt

    Imagine being a fly on the wall in that room, "Endorse my wife or you're fired" haha

  • Logan_Walker

    Maybe A.W had a Change of Heart .

  • Hitman310

    Eve is a hot dish all by herself…

  • tommy

    its Crockering' time!

  • Saif Ashraf

    Kelly Kelly is better

  • PainOfDemise

    With the recent comments AW has been making on the show, not sure if him supporting her is the best idea.

  • Lars

    And now it seems AW has been let go. Bet he’s regretting that tweet.

  • Deviln

    A.W was just released by wwe.

  • David

    A.W. endorses Linda, and then they release him.