CM Punk Exchanges Words With Chris Brown On Twitter

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CM Punk had the following to say on Twitter today to R&B singer Chris Brown, who made headlines in 2009 after being charged with felony assault of then-girlfriend and fellow artist Rihanna:

Brown responded with the following:

  • Burda

    Bahahahahaha, apparently Chris Brown finally discovered the steroids that make you skinny fat

  • Luke_Trewarne

    Brown presumes his on roids? Stereotypical idiot

  • Andy

    Steroids? Chris Brown obviously didn't research CM Punk's lifestyle much.

  • Adam W.

    Chris Brown folks! Trying to justify beating a women by turning something serious into a joke. Brown is so ignorant that he mocks CM Punk for non-existent reasons. He's definitely a real wholesome guy!

  • Bmac4395

    Chris Brown is just mad that CM Punk is a better singer than him.

  • Bmac4395

    Wait, why did CM Punk even tweet that in the first place? Was he asked a question?

  • Matthew

    This makes me love Punk more, and hate Brown MORE.
    Aha – well in Punk.


    Wow punk kind if delayed ain’t you???

    • JakShowtime

      If you look at the date on it, this happened a week ago. So right when the current round of Chris Brown drama started.

      • GODSENT83

        Latest drama??? And what pray tell is that

      • bntafa

        you cannot read

        • JakShowtime

          Actually, you're right. I cannot apparently. My mistake.

  • Kleck

    Punk doesn’t even look like he’s Mason Ryan’ed up.

    • Kleck

      This is the most exposure Chris Brown will get this year…

      • Manolo

        Yeah, this beats Chris Brown winning a Grammy.

      • GODSENT83

        Guess performing on the grammy’s is no exposure??? And for all we know he was probably defending himself, which has always been what had been said.

        • Abe

          I guess you're ok with men beating women and then adored by the public?

      • Jeff

        Well I guess performing and winning a Grammy is not a lot of exposure???!!! Real smart comment

  • Richard McG.

    Its funny because he’s a wrestler… he’s on ‘roids… he obviously has a tiny penis. Ah man! Chris Brown, does your original humor know no bounds?!

  • Evil Kevyn

    You guys remember Jake Roberts? He admitted he was on steroids and he never had the physique of Mason Ryan.

    • GODSENT83

      Or rey or sin cara

  • Tray

    Just like typical media junkies. Now while I don’t condone any man putting his hands on a woman I really wish people would let it go!!! It’s been years and while it’ll be on people’s minds he has done his “time”. What’s stupid is a person can murder someone, do their time, and people will forget the crime they committed. At the same time I am a huge CM Punk fan but I feel as tho he shouldn’t have made the comment. Poor taste by both.

    • leigh

      Exactly! I’m sick and tired of hearing about this to be honest…yeah it was horrible..but it was years ago.AND rihanna and chris have been hanging out again there’s even a rumor they’re back together, R.kelly was having sex with 15 year olds, Charlie sheen’s acting like a fool, and people accept that and forgiven them! Newflash: he’s not the first celebrity to screw up! And I’m sure he won’t be the last!

      • Snaps

        Acting like a fool =/= beating a woman. Nobody has forgiven R Kelly, either, mention his name anywhere and the first thing anyone thinks about is his sexual deviance. "people murder someone and everyone lets it go" OJ Simpson says Hi.

        Chris Brown didn't "make a mistake" he did something that most people lose their kids, house, wealth, freedom, and self-respect over. In his tweets he comes off as a pompous idiot who has no idea what they are talking about, and clearly does not regret what he did. He is, as others have pointed out, more or less making light of a situation that has scarred countless people in similar situations for the rest of their lives.

        Oh but he has a grammy so its all good.

        • Tray

          Its not about coming off as he has no idea what anyone's talking about. it's the fact, like many other people, are tired of it constantly being brought up. For example on his good morning america interview instead of being asked about his new album that was out the focus was only on the incident that happened millions of years ago. As I said earlier I don't condone a man hitting a woman but people don't even know both sides of the story. That's whats wrong with people these days they can't learn to just let things go

  • Dangerous Lee

    Brown is a child. Steroids don’t make your penis smaller. It makes your balls smaller.

  • kevin

    Poor taste by you

  • AceV

    Chris brown should not be judged off that incident. No one really knows what truly happened. No one ever think of self defense when a man hits a woman. No one thought that maybe she put his hands on him first. News flash!!!! It happens like that alot. My mama taught me that a man shouldn’t hit a woman and a woman should not hit a man. If she is bold enough to hit him like a man, she is bold enough to be hit like a man.

    • Snaps

      Our legal system disagrees with you. Self defense doesn't work like that, the circumstances matter A LOT. For instance, if a woman punches a man in the face, and the man punches her back, the man is going to jail. In that instance, believe it or not, the woman has a far higher chance of successfully pleading self defense, because a woman can strike first in an incident if she feels threatened by a man. Did you know a woman can actually shoot an unarmed man and it can still be considered self defense. Why? Because men are stronger than women, and never need to result to violence to solve issues with women, even if a woman results to violence first.

      The only way you can beat up a woman and plead self defense is if the woman had a weapon, and you did not, or if the woman is physically stronger than you are. (I.E. a 200 lbs woman attacks a 130 lbs man).

      While you may think that a woman deserves to get beaten for putting her hands on a man, the united states does not.

    • steve2


      • steve2

        You sound like a future Chris Benoit…

  • Joe

    Say it with me: In CM Punk We Trust!

  • Perfecton! #heel

    Punk on roids? He’s on the new ones that make you skinny. Chris Brown showed roid rage when he hit Rihanna.

  • Pipebomb

    Punks not big enough to be on roids

  • bntafa

    chris brown owned that idiot cm punk

  • ttttt

    Chris brown hangs with the likes of cena and the rock not cm punk

  • WNW Fan

    Guys, ever think that its maybe a setup by the two for a future celeb/wrestler feud? Maybe a future wrestlemania thing? Just my opinion.

    • A2H

      Given punks tweet. No way in hell wwe would approve this! U cant just get a celeb to wm while bringing up their history of violence with women. They wouldnt have done it even 15 yrs ago!

  • Jim

    Evidently Chris Brown has either never seen Punk, or he doesn’t understand exactly what steroids do. Because CM Punk looks about the furthest away from a steroid user as you can. Brown is a complete idiot, and the simple fact that the Grammy voting committee awarded him with a Grammy a couple weeks ago is disgusting and basically another slap in the face to battered women. Why celebs are rewarded for doing things that would get me arrested if I did them is getting out of control. It just isn’t right.

  • Dom

    Adam Lambert got banned from the AMAs for kissing a guy and Chris Brown got to open the Grammys after beating a woman. America everybody!

  • Darren

    I’m not a friend Chris Brown but wasn’t this like a year ago. I’m no way condoning what he did. Who hasn’t make a mistake in their lives everybody. C.M. is definitely not on roids. He is definitely in the wrong business to talk about men beating women. Do I need to mention Chris Beniot. I have to wonder is this Vince attempt to get Hollywood to notice the WWE. In short and long C.M. stick to wrestling.

  • Da KiDD

    Its so funny how so many people on this site will give Chris Benoit the whole "even tho he was wrong, he was one of my favorites, one of the greatest, wwe should not erase him from history, he's still a hall of famer" spiel, but now that it's Chris Brown's incident that we're talking about, there's no forgiveness, or at the very least, a sense of moving on. Yea, i guess forgiveness is convenient when it fits your argument huh

  • XRD89X

    lol to all the people defending chris brown coz it happened a while ago.. I guess if someone beat your sister or mother to that extent a year ago you’d go grab a beer with them? He doesn’t deserve to be defended or honored in any way ever again. The only thing on Rihanna that should be smacked is that fine ass of hers.. Brown deserves a kick in the face

  • XRD89X

    lol to all the people defending chris brown coz it happened a while ago.. I guess if someone beat your sister or mother to that extent a year ago you’d go grab a beer with them? He doesn’t deserve to be defended or honored in any way ever again. The only thing on Rihanna that should be smacked is that fine a$$ of hers.. Brown deserves a kick in the face

  • TheSeizureComic

    Granted, What brown did was not a "mistake" and his feet should be held to the fire for that incident. Oh waitaminnut. his feet WERE held to the fire for it. He apologized publicly, did his time and paid his debt to society.
    Are you saying that everyone who commits a crime should not be allowed a second chance, that they should not be allowed to put their past behind them? If that's the case, then every time you see Martha Stewart on TV, you should be tweeting about her being a convicted felon, too. Same with Paris Hilton.
    MVP and R Truth are convicted felons, and I don't hear Punk bringing up their pasts. Debra McMichael accused Stone Cold Steve Austin of being abusive, but I'd like to see Punk say something about curbstomping him.
    I've got friends and family who are former drug dealers who can't get a job because of a felony on their records. What are the options for an ex-con who can't get a job? And people wonder why dudes get out of jail and then wind up back in prison.
    I'm not a Chris Brown fan, but I'm on his side with this one. He did the crime. he did his time. forgive him like the good Judeau-Christians we all say we are, and let the man live.