CM Punk Exit An Angle?, New WWE Logo, Sin Cara Trolls Hunico, Sting To WWE

Am I the only person seeing the whole CM Punk departure as storyline? I can see Triple H & Kane vs. Daniel Bryan as an advertised two on one handicap match but Punk comes from the crowd to make it an epic tag match. How far off base could I be?

You aren't the only one, as the feeling amongst many of the workers has been very skeptical of the legitimacy over CM Punk's WWE departure. The skepticism comes from Punk refusing to respond to text messages and phone calls and not having any contact with people in WWE. However, I can tell you with a high degree of certainly this is not part of a storyline. CM Punk was upset and went home. Vince McMahon went to extraordinary efforts to get Punk back for Raw this week but it didn't happen. There's always a chance he comes back and works Wrestlemania, however, that chance continues to diminish the closer to April we get. If WWE is somehow able to get Punk back it will be because of the efforts of Vince McMahon and not because the entire ordeal was a work. I realize there are going to be some readers that believe otherwise, however, that's just not the case.

Is WWE going to change their company logo eventually? I have seen the WWE Network logo featured in the WrestleMania 31 logo and also the new company jet had it.

I spoke about this in the latest Premium Mailbag, noting it was a good possibility the WWE Network logo becomes the company's new logo. One reader pointed to the fact that the side plates to the NXT Championship belt have been changed from the current WWE logo to the WWE Network logo. You are also correct in that it is the WWE logo on next year's Wrestlemania 31 logo and it's the one on the new corporate jet. Internet Browser! Download For Free [>>]

What's the latest on the original Sin Cara, a/k/a Mistico, fighting for the Sin Cara character?

Luis Ignascio is fighting WWE for the gimmick and is wrestling under it in Mexico. Apparently he worked a recent AAA taping under a different character because the promotion didn't want trouble from WWE legal. Ignascio claims by May he'll have full control of the gimmick. I find it humorous that he recently trolled Hunico on Twitter by Re-Tweeting a follower that said Hunico moves like a duck. You can check it out below:

Is there any update on Sting?

There is no update on Sting at this time. I haven't heard his name in weeks although the last I heard, TNA was telling ticket holders to upcoming shows he no longer works there. The overwhelming belief is he is headed to WWE but we still cannot confirm a contract has been signed. Attached to the rumors that Sting is WWE bound is he is not in the Wrestlemania XXX plans.

From the Ask WNW vault…

February 2012: Now that he is on the same level as guys like John Cena & Randy Orton, how much stroke does CM Punk have backstage? - CM Punk has accumulated a large amount of stroke backstage in WWE after his run last summer. Not only was Punk able to negotiate a new WWE contract but he was able to convince WWE to buy the rights to “Cult of Personality” by Living Color to use as his theme song. While that may seem minimal to a lot of people, getting to pick your own entrance music in WWE is no small thing. Randy Orton did an interview several years ago complaining about workers not being able to pick their own entrance music.

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  • doubleb1076

    i think sting will be the suprise inductor for the ultimate warrior. only makes sense cus thats is former blade runner tag team partner

    • Xavier

      That would be really cool too see.

      • opie

        It would, but I seem to remember Sting not thinking very highly of Warrior. I might have made that up, but I’m not sure. I also don’t see Sting being unveiled before Wrestlemania, even for an induction.

        • Bob’s Diner

          Yeah I remember Sting having less than stellar things to say about Warrior – pretty sure Warrior has said unpleasant things about Sting, too. If Sting has signed, I think we can expect him appear the night after WrestleMania…

          Though don’t quote me. I don’t want the internet exploding with hate towards Sting if he doesn’t appear at Raw the night after WrestleMania

          • J Vomkrieg

            But…. who has stellar things to say about the Warrior?

            I mean, who are his legitimate friends in the business? I thought everyone couldn’t stand the guy?

            Therefore, Sting, who is all about forgiveness and being a good christian, would probably do the job

          • Bob’s Diner

            CM Punk wanted to do it. Maybe HHH will do it so he can say how gracious he was putting over Warrior at WrestleMania and helping him get to that next level? He inducts someone every year and I can’t see anyone so far that he would be doing…

  • Xavier

    Maybe the WWE can have Hunico fill in as CM Punk until thr Internet Messiah returns lol. But seriously, it’s time that fans to let it go already. Punk has moved on, and so should fans.

    Yo Richard. If WWE were too sign Sting does WWE creative already have a program in place for him?

    • David Jr.

      I moved on from CM Punk, I even wrote a song about it.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      He didn’t even show up for Raw in Chicago, tells you what kind of person he actually is.

      • Bob’s Diner

        It just tells me he doesn’t want to work for WWE anymore

      • Clint

        yeah i know I left a job once where they were shorting me on money and because people wanted me back I went back and worked again even though they shorted me on money again

  • Charlie Crimefighter Hovey

    Your wrong Richard… Punk will be at raw Monday … What happen to that HHH vs McMahon match for control of the wwe?

    • MadDawg

      You’re still standing by that? I applaud your willingness to stand by your statement, but I do respectfully ask that you not blow up the open thread watch party when it doesn’t happen.

      • Charlie Crimefighter Hovey

        Yes I am still standing by it.. And I won’t have to bc all the members of the iwc will do that for me..

        • MadDawg

          Honestly, I don’t think the majority of the IWC expects him to show. I know there are always hopefuls, myself included, but most people are aware that he’s gone and he won’t be back for a long while, if ever.

          • opie

            For real. If he didn’t show in Chicago, why would anyone believe he would show somewhere else? Doesn’t make any sense.

      • JR Texx (Jamie)

        Let them, they’ll only disappoint themselves when he doesn’t turn up, like Chicago.

  • jackkedx10

    after his victory on sunday, Taker will come out and announce his retirement only to have a sting promo hit and start up the future feud and match for Wrestlemania

    • Bob’s Diner

      Where is he wrestling on Sunday?

      • jackkedx10

        Sunday as in wrestlemania

        • Bob’s Diner

          Oh OK. Is that like “It’s my birthday Thursday. As in, Thursday 3 months from now”?

    • GOR

      That will be too soon !

  • Eddie Edwards

    I still think Sting is going to debut the night after Wrestlemania

    • Guest


  • jason witten 82

    Why does he even care about the sin cara character, the mistico character in HUGE in mexico

    • Adam Wacker

      When Sin Cara left for WWE, CMLL filled the vacant gimmick with someone else. The current Mistico (II) is their Welterweight Champion and was recently on New Japan’s Fantasticamania shows.

      The original may not have the rights to either gimmick at the moment.

      • jason witten 82

        Ah didnt know that i just figured he did own that, thanks for clearing that up adam

    • Bob’s Diner

      He also opened a gym in Mexico called ‘Sin Cara’ so I would assume the name has a lot of value to him personally

      • JR Texx (Jamie)

        honestly I hope he wins it.

        • Bob’s Diner

          Me too. Doubt he will, but it would be a perfect end to it all.

  • Christen

    i don’t know about anyone else but i am getting sick of the Punk questions. Face the fact punk walked out the reasons is only known to one person that is PUNK. Who knows why he left he could be wanting to heal up from being on the road a lot. No one knows but punk we can only assume and guess

  • Eron Ramadanov

    Sin Cara is making fun of Hunico’s wrestling abilities… C’mon now…

    • Bob’s Diner

      There is a reason one of them was a huge star in Mexico and the other wasn’t…