CM Punk Gets Head Stapled After Raw; View A Photo Here

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WWE Champion CM Punk needed staples to close a cut in his head after this week's WWE Raw. View a photo Tweeted by Punk below:

  • Dufus

    The staples don't look fake but then that doesn't look like CM Punks head either. Punk has longer hair than that.

    • Gary


    • dmo

      He cut his hair on this weeks raw, remember?

    • Wainwright

      What an appropriate name….

    • michael

      you idiot that is really punk what a moron you are

  • Doug

    That is a real wound and those are real staples….take it from a guy whose put in plenty over the years. That looks like CMP. His hair was short last appearance and his hairline is the same. Look at a picture and you'll see.

  • CL

    Did you even watch raw dufus? He trimmed his hair to make it look like a heel haircut

  • Stephen

    Actually, if you noticed on this weeks RAW, Punk has
    gotten his head shaved.

  • ghopkins13

    It was shaved short on this weeks Raw.

  • Hillbilly Jim

    Did that target worker put them in?

  • Rob

    Why sI many comments about punk changing his hair you bunch of pansies

    • Kleck

      Because we evidently have a Dufus

      • E•N•A


  • LeftyTosser

    I will be surprised if Punk does not get some heat for blading. He obviously cut himself before Lawler came off the top rope on him. Punk was laying on the mat with Lawler on top with Punk's head between his knees. Lawler was "punching" Punk and Punk put both hands above his head a cut across the top of his head. Pretty obvious too.

    • Callum

      Worse name than dufus

  • robert0110

    Looks like he gigged himshelf

  • TheeOsva

    Any day now wwe will move to Cartoon Network

    • Howard Stern

      Thats what I been saying, that or Nickelodeon

  • JasonGaza

    i bet he wished he kept his hair, this might have never happened

  • Arnaud PEZERIL

    I'm not saying it's fake but is it me or WWE is the only place where we put staples in a skull to close a cut ?
    I've seen a few in emergency and they use a paste like "glue" or they sew the wound…
    Staples… come on. The guy is a butcher or a doctor ?

  • DoJo

    Really doubt he bladed himself – the cut Iain an awkward position and pretty deep……. Bladed to get colour would have most probably be on the forehead – blood flows faster there with just a small cut. Was a mistake IMHO……..