CM Punk Gives Lessons On Correct Grammar; Kofi Kingston Discusses His New Gear

CM Punk's Grammar Slam

CM Punk stars in a series of videos on Nerdist's YouTube channel, in which he reads fan mail and corrects the incorrect grammar within. The videos are available at this link, or embedded below:

Kofi Kingston's New Gear

Kofi Kingston, who returned on Raw this week sporting new in-ring gear, talked with dot com backstage about the change in appearance. Click here to view the video.

  • Raspywolf

    These are amazing. Sadly, he didn’t cover “could’ve” and “could of”.

    • Jackwagon

      could’ve and could have. SMDH!

      • Snap

        Was that sarcasm? It’d difficult to tell in print, but if not then, unfortunately, the original point was missed as he was referring to how a lot of people use “could of” when they should be using “could’ve/could have.”

        It’s especially irritating to see it used in (presumably edited) books.

  • BIG M

    Great more grammar police.

    • Snap

      Disclaimer: I haven’t watched any of the videos before posting this comment, so they may contradict my opinion.

      I don’t think it’s about Punk turning into a militant grammar police, rather I think it’s more a joke of how it’s Geek Week on YouTube so he’s having fun with it.

  • RikardoVGV

    LOOOOL This is Awesome!!!