CM Punk - "I Am Exactly Where I Belong. No Desire To Be Anywhere Else"

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CM Punk continues to be bombarded with questions from Twitter followers when he is returning to WWE. The former 434-day WWE Champion sent out the following somewhat cryptic Tweet:

It's believed Punk wants to return at SummerSlam although WWE wants him back sooner. The feeling is he'll be back some time this summer. Punk is currently on a leave of absence, healing his body and getting a break off the road.

  • Josh_rocker1

    I hope he heals up and gets some much needed rest but man do I miss him on TV.

  • The Bops

    Going to Raw in Hartford (6-2-13) an was hoping to see Punk! The last couple times I went to a live show, Punk wasn’t there due to injury or the quitting angle.

  • BobCobb

    I don’t really like punks attitude. He is really full of himself. It also irks me that he is just able to take time off. With Jericho or the rock they have other commitments and are “legends” who have put in their time. Punk is just on vacation “healing/resting” I think every wrestler deserves at least a few weeks or a month off but punk is the only guy with that luxury. Not even cena could take months off just to “rest”

    • Kings of Wrestling

      After an over a year title reign I think Punk deserves to take some time off. Im pretty sure he has a very legit reason.

    • Xavier

      I agree. The guy who throws fits backstage, punches fans, tells fans on twitter to drink poison, directs gay slurs at fans in the audience and who threatens to quit all the time gets to take time off when a guy like Cena twice as successful, works twice as hard, grants wishes for really sick or dying kids, who’s been with the company a lot longer, who brings in 5x more revenue then punk doesn’t is complete BS.