CM Punk Ice Cream Bar T-Shirts To Those That Pre-Order WWE '13, Fozzy On Early 2013 Tour In Australia, Gerry Brisco On Olympic Scouting

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WWE and THQ will be giving away free CM Punk Ice Cream bar t-shirts to people that pre-order WWE '13 through select retailers. In the United States, the attire will be available by pre-ordering at GameStop and in Canada, the shirt will come with all pre-orders placed at EB Games. Click here for more. (Thanks to WNW reader Logan Walker for sending this in.)

- Fozzy is scheduled to tour on the Soundwave Festival in February and March 2013 in Australia. Click here for more information.

- Arda Ocal sent in the following:

theScore's Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) recently had the chance to speak with WWE Hall of Famer and current WWE Scout, Gerald Brisco, who is currently in London scouting for WWE at the Olympic games. Highlights:

On the process of scouting Olympic amateur wrestlers and other Olympic hopefuls as potential future WWE Superstars - how the scouting process works and what he looks for in a potential Superstar

On the two phases of his career; as a wrestler and as Vince's 'stooge'

"I used to kid Pat [Patterson] all the time, "You and I have worked for over twenty years to build a reputation that we were great wrestlers, great guys in the ring; we could do anything they asked us to do in the ring and we accomplished that. We were both on a level where I felt like we were at the top of our profession in the ring. Then a few years later you know, we were tied together as Vince McMahon's corporate 'stooges'. I think that's going to last longer than anything else, I think its kind of humorous. We went the entire circle. Two of the most respected guys in the business to being sort of a comic duo, and we became two of the most popular characters in the 'Attitude' era of WWE.

Advice he would give to aspiring WWE Superstars and more!

  • PainOfDemise

    I would mind a free CM Punk ice cream t-shirt, but I'd much rather have my signed Austin memorabilia. Which I pre-ordered the Austin special edition already.

  • whitethought_

    For the Ice Cream Bar t-shirt pre-order, do we actually get a physical CM Punk t-shirt or is it only an attire in the game?

  • Kleck

    I’m glad they are proud to have played a major role in one of the biggest eras in the wrestling industry. Howany guys can say they truly have been in the business 25+ years. What a pair of careers!

  • JOHN

    it sounds like its just an in game shirt not a physical shirt at all.

  • jeff

    sooo i got a question….nevermind the t-shirt but if i pre-order the game through gamestop do i still get to unlock stone cold or do i specifically have to pre-order the 3:16 edition……anyone????

  • Tyler Bowles

    I preordered in July, a little earlier than this announcement. I still get the shirt right?

  • kevin

    I would rather have the ice cream bar itself.

  • Richard Gray

    They worded it really badly. Would they really be lame enough to only offer the shirt as "virtual attire?"

  • hurrigame

    To hell with that, I want WWE ice cream bars, dammit!