CM Punk In Vegan Cookbook, Trish Pregnancy Update, The Next Paul Heyman Guy?

CM Punk in Vegan Cookbook

CM Punk penned the forward for a new book titled "Bake And Destroy - Good Food for Bad Vegans" by Natalie Slater. You can check out details of the vegan cookbook at this link.

Trish Stratus Pregnancy Update

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus wrote the following on Twitter:

Drew McIntyre a Paul Heyman guy?

Drew McIntyre posted the following on Twitter:

  • Chris

    As a McIntyre fan, I can only hope this pans out.

    • Danny_Boy

      The best thing the WWE could do with McIntyre is release him. He can’t wrestle or talk on the mic. He looks like Alicia Silverstone with a man’s body, it’s very disturbing too look at him.

      • Craig

        Yeah, but his theme song was awesome!

        • Jesse Sherwood

          And I dream broken Dreams…

      • Sweeney McAlester


        Why don’t you do the world (and especially Drew) a favor? in other words, “WOULD YOU PLEASE! SHUT THE HELL UP?”

  • Lebron

    Anybody who says McIntyre can’t wrestle shouldn’t be allowed to watch wrestling ever again. The man is a talent. If anybody deserves to be a Heyman guy and get a push, it’s him. I’d still prefer Cesaro to join Heyman, but Drew would suffice.

    • Danny_Boy

      LMFAO! The fact that your username is LeBron and the fact that you think McIntyre is talented clearly suffers from brain damage. I’ll just leave it at that

    • Sweeney McAlester

      Can’t agree more Lebron

  • sheamus fan

    I think Barrett should be in a faction with McIntyre, sheamus and William regal and it should be called the united no kingdom

    • Sweeney McAlester

      What about Mason Ryan? He’s British. And Wales needs represented too

      • Danny_Boy

        Go screw yourself