CM Punk "Injury" Update, Vince Doesn't Appear, Wyatt's Next Victim, Another SummerSlam Bout

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CM Punk "Injury" Update

After the angle with Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar on this week's Monday Night Raw, WWE posted the following "injury update" on Punk on dot com:

In what sounds more like an injury report from a car crash than a fistfight, medical officials have told that Punk suffered whiplash and strained ligaments in his left knee and right ankle. Punk’s ribs are also bruised, potentially broken, as a result of the attack.

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News & Notes from WWE Raw

Vince McMahon didn't appear on WWE Raw as advertised. This was believed to be a result of one of the several show re-writes that I'll have more on shortly.

For those that missed this week's WWE Raw, The Wyatt Family destroyed R-Truth as their second "victim." The "attack" was also to "send a message" to Kane.

Rumored SummerSlam Bout

As we reported here on Premium, the current plan is to do Dolph Ziggler vs. Big E Lagnston w/AJ Lee at SummerSlam. The angle on Raw with Langston taking out Ziggler was seen as the start of the program.

  • Patrick

    I hope Ziggler/Big E is a quick Feud Ziggler should be going after the title not wasting time with AJ and Big E.

    • Jimmy

      Any time spent with AJ would not be wasted my friend 😉

  • James

    Ziggler and Del Rio have great chemistry in the ring together. I wanna see one more match between them at SummerSlam with some sort of non interference stipulation.

  • John

    I’m enjoying The Wyatt Family so far, however i hope they move them onto a real storyline soon as i think these random attacks will get old really quick and a less enthusiastic crowd than Brooklyn will be dead during their attacks.

  • Don Tonberry

    I’m getting the feeling that the Wyatt Family are gonna turn Kane either back into the monster we knew, or a totally different “follower”. He’s around the same size Luke Harper and the other guy as well. I’m really intrigued as to where it’s heading. I would also like to point out that I’m proud my hometown NY did not ruin the segment with “Husky Harris” chants.

    • TheBigKing1

      Yes I’m proud of my hometown not ruining it either.

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    When Brock and Punk were going at it, it looked to me like a fully grown man was fighting a teenage kid. First because of CM Punk’s size and second because of his street clothes. It looked so one sided. I guess they are gonna make the argument that Heyman distracted Punk in order for Lesnar to get the upper hand.

    • Luke

      I personally thought he fight scene was very well done. It made Brock come out strong and Punk, a man who won’t give up. Punk is 6 foot 2 and built quite well, he by no means looks like a kid, maybe next to brock lesnar (which I assume you’re referring too)

      • Hercules Rockerfeller

        That’s exactly what I meant. You put a man beast like Lesnar next to an average looking Joe like Punk and you’ll see the difference right away. I’m not devaluing Punk in any way. In fact when it comes to straight up wrestling, I think Punk is better because he has more arsenals to rely on, while Lesnar will rely more on his power alone in which he can do some damage.

        • Luke

          Yeah, I a agree

      • Jimmy

        Fan of Punk but he is in no way “built quite well” and he’s even admitted it before.

        • Rick

          Maybe not as well as the majority of superstars on the roster but to think he’s not built is foolish

  • Scott

    I know im probably wishing for too much but I REALLY hope the Wyatt Family will cause Kane to come back as the Classic Big Red Machine! I also hope it reunites the Brothers of Destruction if Taker is healthy enough to do Summerslam! One can hope!

    • Jimmy

      But then where does that leave the “revenge” angle that was rumored to happen between Undertaker and The Shield at Summerslam?

  • Mike

    I hope that Kane becomes a follower. In the video segments that they did when they debuted last week with a bald man in a room hitting his head and chanting ‘ obey obey obey’ that could have been Kane because he was bald when he was not wearing his mask

    • JeanAE

      Pretty sure that bald guy was Luke Harper.

      • JeanAE

        Whoops, I meant Erick Rowan, haha.

        • Mike

          Wasn’t Erick Rowan outside with the fire burning in the yard?

  • CM Punk just has rotten luck with Announce tables this year. RR: table breaks too soon. EC: Table doesn’t break. WM: Table doesn’t break injured knee almost to the point of needing surgery. Raw again Table doesn’t break. Kayfabe injuries.