CM Punk Injury Update

CM Punk did not wrestle at Friday night’s WWE Raw live event in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The Undertaker’s music hit, there was a brief pause and Punk came out in street clothes with Paul Heyman. With an urn, Punk cut a heel promo, vowing “the streak” would end at 20-1.

You can view two photos below:

Punk was banged up at this week’s Raw, injuring his arm. By all accounts the injury is not serious although it appears as though WWE is remaining cautious.

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  • Dave Barton

    First it was knee surgery, then he gets dumped on his head by Miz, and now this. Its amazing that his straight-edge conviction prevents him from taking any pain meds at all.


    So sad

  • Chris

    Just thought about something, didn’t he say something about time off after WrestleMania a little back? Maybe Undertaker “takes him out” or if Undertaker wins Kane comes out to do the dirty work for the urn.