CM Punk Interested In MMA, Wearing A Cesaro Shirt, WWE Starting & Stopping On Guys

Chad Dukes interviewed CM Punk at Wrestlemania Axxess, below are the highlights:

Would Punk be interested in doing MMA?:

I don’t think Vince would let me do that. Am I interested? I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t. Doing what I do now, I would not be able to train how I would need to, but we’ll see what happens.

Why he wore an Antonio Cesaro shirt to the Wrestlemania press conference (photo above):

It was a clean shirt that grabbed and I wore that day. It’s not some sort of silent protest because he’s not on Mania, although I will go on record right now that it’s absolutely ridiculous that he doesn’t have a match at Wrestlemania. I will pimp that guy until the cows come home. He’s awesome. He’s everything that the WWE should want in their superstars. He’s tremendous. He can wrestle, he’s a brick house, he’s looks the part, he acts the part, he walks and talks that part. He can speak seven different languages! You’re missing the boat on this guy.

WWE "starting and stopping" on guys:

This is not my company; if it was it would be run very differently and I’m not saying that the way Vince does things is 100% right or 100% wrong all the time and I’m not saying that I know the answer to everything. Vince does what he thinks is best for business and he’s right a lot of the time and there’s just sometimes I think he’s missing the boat on stuff, Cesaro being one of them. Barrett’s another good one. I think we start and stop guys too much. They did it with me forever; they did it with Sheamus forever. You’re the flavor of the month. You’re doing this, you’re doing that, and then you just kind of get shuffled to the back. I don’t think anybody can truly organically grow and become these superstars that they say they’re looking for when you start and stop guys all the time. But it’s just a difference of opinion on how the business is.

Click here to listen to the interview in its entirety.

  • Danny_Boy

    I’d love to see CM Punk in MMA so Jon Jones could destroy him.

  • Dangerous Lee

    I remember Punk said the same thing in an interview when he was asked about his Stone Cold tshirt he wore during his infamous pipe bomb.

    • GuyLandau

      I actually don’t believe him on both occasions. I think it is a silent protest, so silent he doesn’t even admit it. However, lo and behold, it got Cesaro very much mentioned on the press conference, just like Punk would’ve wanted. He wore a I *star of david* Colt shirt on RAW when he was on commentary, getting a buzz about Cabana (I think he was actually trending that night). He wore a Stone Cold shirt for his pipe bomb, and I have to say that it’s too much of a coincidence that what he grabs out of the closet is always miraculously fitting to a message he wants to send to the world anyway.

  • Nick

    Totally agree with Punks comments on Cesaro. Miz made both the IC and US champs tap out on back to back TV tapings. I would have liked to see a Triple Threat match with both belts on the line, may have been a nice way to unify the belts aswell.

  • Cesaro has been the most poorly booked heel on the roster leading up to Mania and has just been a jobber to Del Rio and Miz setting up their feuds, I think he has the potential to be working right at the top of the card and its just poor writing that he doesn’t even get a spot, I mean I do like the idea of Fandango vs Jericho as I enjoyed Curtis’ work on NXT but I don’t think anyone can say he deserves a spot at Mania more than Cesaro and putting Cesaro over Jericho could have propelled him to the next level. hopefully next year he will have surpassed US title level and either have a big time match with a top worker like Jericho or be challenging for a world title.