CM Punk Involved In Airport Incident In St. Louis; Ricardo Rodriguez Reacts

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There was an incident involving WWE Champion CM Punk Sunday night at the airport in St. Louis, Missouri. Apparently a fan rudely requested an autograph from Punk and resulted in Punk rejecting him. This reportedly caused another fan to react angrily that resulted in Punk throwing the fan's autograph book in the trash.

TSA had to get involved, with Punk visibly upset at the behavior of the fans. Punk wrote the following about the incident on Twitter:

Ricardo Rodriguez witnessed the incident and wrote the following on Twitter:

  • Bob

    Believe me when I say that CM Punk is the kind of person that demands respect when being asked for an autograph. I would be lying if I said I hadn't felt his wrath before.

  • christopher525

    They were probably trying to piss him off so he'd hit them, then they could sue.

  • Patrick Peralta

    some fans tend to be rude, I think CM Punk handled it well as he could. no need for fans to be rude to any celebrity not just wrestlers.

  • Dufus

    It gets tough sometimes. I feel for Punk.

  • kingjamsie

    Punk even tweeted about how to ask him for an autograph a few days back. Give Respect, get respect.

  • That fan probably deserved everything he got.

  • Nick

    As a St. Louisan, it is sad how some of our citizens act. We're labeled the best sports city in the country, but some can be terrible.

    • MonsterMike42

      I grew up an hour north of St. Louis so I know exactly what you're talking about. We do have some of the most respectable fans who are actually very polite, but it's people like this fan who ticked off CM Punk that ruin it all.

  • Mojo

    If by ‘best’ you mean worst, I whole-heartedly agree.

  • Since its punk you guys would support. If it was cena, you would start hating

  • Dave the Jobber

    This is a sad time in which we live, if you want an autograph from ANY celebrity, you should conduct yourself with a certain level of respect for that celebrity. People who feel they are entitled to an autograph because they want it need to be put in their place. Props to C.M. Punk for showing this person that his behavior was unacceptable.

  • Kevin

    I don't know if Punk reads this website, but in case he does, I want him to know that those 2 idiots at the airport DO NOT represent all of the fans in St. Louis, or Missouri, or anywhere else for that matter. There will always be a rotten apple or 2 in every barrel; please don't judge the rest of us by those 2 morons. I personally don't bother stars of any genre for an autograph unless it's an official autograph signing. I respect your right to privacy when you're out in public. Unless it's an official meet and greet event, you don't have to even acknowledge us. It's your private time, and I respect that. It's nice when stars do speak back to the fans, and great when you offer us an autograph when you don't have to. But I believe in being respectful enough not to even ask for one when you're on your time. Coming through the airport on your way to the hotel to rest for the event is your time. I won't impose on you for an autograph at a time like that.

    • #1 Awesome One

      Agree 100%.

  • R.a.

    I have said hello but that's is it at airports.The wrestlers always said hi back.