CM Punk Is Seth Rollins, Grand Opening For WWE Performance Center

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CM Punk is Seth Rollins… From the Future

Here's a fun Tweet from CM Punk:

Punk broke the glass ceiling and guys like Seth Rollins are benefitting. Well done sir.

Grand Opening for WWE Performance Center

The following is from my Twitter account:

WWE will be offering tours to the media.

  • Aaronmbly

    Cool sign me up

  • Smart Mark

    Ever since i first saw Seth Rollins on NXT it instantly reminded me of Punk.

    • Phil D. Garrie

      I am reminded of punk with a little bit of Jeff hardy thrown in.

  • BlazeKing

    Now all we need is Darren Young in Cena gear and we can get it all out of the way!!!

    • Smart Mark

      What about we get Alberto Del Rio to use JBL’s gimmick…… oh wait?