CM Punk & Kane Don't Appear, Rollins Falls, New Referee, New Total Diva, Cena Update, What You Didn't See

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WWE Raw TV notes from January 27th in Cleveland, Ohio...

- Neither CM Punk nor Kane appeared on this week's Monday Night Raw as advertised. It's likely they were just given the night off or a victim to multiple show re-writes, which I'll have more on later.

- Seth Rollins took a spill over the crowd barrier upon The Shield's entrance through the crowd.

- The referee in the Divas match on this week's show was Dee Edwards. He's known on the northeast independent pro wrestling scene in the United States.

- Cameras for Total Divas have been filming Summer Rae for about two months for her inclusion on Season 2 of the reality series, which premieres this March.

- To follow-up on John Cena being banged up on the spear spot with Roman Reigns, he rolled to the outside and the referee called for the doctor. Cena waved off the attention (which was audible to people sitting ringside) and he was able to tag back in and take the match home.

- After this week's show went off the air Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns left Seth Rollins with the babyfaces. Rollins ended up taking all of the babyface finishers to send the crowd home happy. There was no dark match main event.

  • Danny_Boy

    RAW was so much more enjoyable without CM Sucks on it. What’s even funnier is that no one even noticed he was gone lol, you here that Mr. Punk? You’re becoming more & more irrelevant to the point that WWE creative rewrote you out of the show.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      Or they had that much on RAW and Punk was more than likely exhausted from the Rumble they gave him the night off ?

    • Xavier

      SMDH @ You

      • Nick K

        I always though that was you

        • Xavier

          You thought wrong. Why the hell would you think that was me?

    • Tim

      Haha no one noticed. But everyone is asking what happened to him.

    • Bob’s Diner

      CM Sucks – so clever! You are the smartest and funniest wrestling fan ever!!!

    • Tom Lee

      Danny boy is right, punk is too much overrated himself !

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    I wanted to see where the Kane/Punk angle was going.. hopefully on Smackdown, if not next Monday.

  • Tim

    I called that Kane would eliminate punk or that he’d eliminate Batista by accident meaning for punk. But anyway how do you not show one of the authority’s thorns