CM Punk & Lita At Turner Field, Where Is Rick Steiner Now?

CM Punk at Turner Field

CM Punk and his real-life girlfriend Amy "Lita" Dumas were at Turner Field on Wednesday from the Kansas City Royals at Atlanta Braves game. You can view a photo he Tweeted below:

Where is Rick Steiner Now?

WWE has a new "Where Are They Now?" feature on Rick Steiner. You can get a full update on “The Dog-Faced Gremlin” at this link.

  • Space Mountain

    Hope Punk is getting tested on a regular basis because his girl is a real life ho

    • Xavier

      SMH, that was 8 years ago. Let’s move on from that already

      • Don

        Can’t if you’re on space mountain lol.

    • because a nobody fan like yourself knows all the facts.

      • nico

        IKR, what about the men who participated along with her, woman is truly the n*gger of the world (I’m black but still)…. smh

  • Speaking of CM Punk I thought some of you might like to see this (from his DVD):

    So the next time you complain that WWE never gave “us” CM Punk/Daniel Bryan at WM 27 keep in mind that they did, but it was CM Punk that said NO (NO, NO, NO!) to the idea.

    How on earth could CM Punk have said no to this match with a guy that he says is “better” than him in the ring? Could it be that CM Punk doesn’t really think Bryan is worthy of wrestling him at WM? The Miz put Bryan over and went on to bigger and better things. CM Punk wasn’t willing to even work with Bryan. For all of you Punk supporters just remember this.

    • If you actually listened to what Punk said, he said he wasn’t looking forward to a US title match because he thinks he is above the mid card championships, which I agree with. It had nothing to do with Daniel Bryan; it could’ve been Dolph Ziggler, Chris Jericho, or even John Cena. The wrestler was not his problem, it was the mid card title that would have dropped him into the mid card, maybe into purgatory. Notice that he had NO PROBLEM working a program with Bryan that spanned 3 PPV’s from right after Extreme Rules through to Raw 1000.

    • Matt

      Just gonna keep on posting this same old post yea?

  • JNH84

    i agree you really gonna keep posting the same post over and over on every punk article? and listen to what he said , he said he wasn’t looking forward to a US title match , which I agree with. It had nothing to do with Daniel Bryan; like richard said below me i guess the 3 ppvs and raw 1000 dont count?