CM Punk Makes A Great Point Regarding MLB Drug Offenders

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CM Punk, who lives a straight edge lifestyle, told Yahoo! Sports he feels first-time drug offenders in Major League Baseball should receive lifetime bans. Below is an excerpt:

"Absolutely," CM Punk told Yahoo! Sports. "That way I don't have to sit and listen to any [expletive] apologies. Look at [Ryan] Braun. That dude just denied, denied, denied and then he gets caught and goes, 'oh yeah, I'm sorry, I made a mistake.' I don't believe you. You're a liar. You've already proved it publicly in an open public forum. You're a liar. Just shut the [expletive] up and go wash dishes for a living."

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  • Chris

    Amen brother.

    • David

      I love how people are all for stricter PED laws now that its out. But back in the 90s, we watch baseball in record numbers to see guys like Sosa and McGwire chase Maris. Everybody knew Steroids and PEDs were used in baseball. But we ignored it because it made baseball cool again. And that’s including Bud Selig.

      • illdecide

        Baseball would’ve died after the strike if it wasn’t for McGwire/Sosa/Bonds

        • David

          I agree.

      • Chris

        I, personally, think that they should let it go, if a dude wants to make millions and die early that’s on them. My biggest problem is that they lie about it, then act like it’s no big deal.

      • Avalanchian

        Those substances weren’t banned yet when Sosa and McGwire used them. Personally though watching those 2 slug it out was amazing time in baseball. I could care less if they PED up as long as the sport became more than me turning on to see the ESPN highlights around the league.

  • Win

    What a bunch of bullshit!!! A great point? Where? When? Why doesn’t he speak out against WWE’s bullshit PED testing. Does he feel his co-workers should get tougher testing and a lifetime banned if caught. It’s easy to talk tough and be self-righteous when concerning another industry, I’m interested in knowing how he feels about his own. Where is pipe bomb droppin, overly opinionated, CM Punk stand on the subject in his industry. Didn’t his good friend Chael Sonnen get caught for using steroids? Yeah, thought so. Yet he still supports his career. News flash, Richard, hypocrits never-ever have a great point!!!!!!!!! That includes wrestlers.

    • beeker

      I am pretty sure Punk is referring to the fact that all of these baseball players openly denied they used PED’s up to the point they couldn’t anymore, and they think they can get away with just an ”I’m sorry”.

  • dean

    punk should just back off on being so self-righteous. he should stick to fake wrestling and leave “real” sports to the experts.
    wwe’s drug policy is designed to keep talent alive who are under contract so there will never be another “eddie guerrero hotel room heart attack death” in the future.
    baseball, football, basketball , hockey, mma are competitive sports and they are concerned with preserving the “integrity” of the sport by punishing cheaters.

    • Mike

      although i agree with your point about wwe,s policy, fake wrestling and real sports? If your on here you should know the term “fake wrestling” is an insult to the talent. And i would consider baseball a “real” sport, its just hitting a ball with a bat, not exactly an area where you meet the elite of the elite of athletes.

      • mike

        sorry spelling mistake “and i wouldn,t consider baseball a real sport”. plus to be fair wwe talent have an excuse to use ped.s. if you need help to swing a bat or to run and catch a ball you must really be a bit of a sis. I bet the line for steroids these guys are in are filled with chess players, bowlers and dart players.

        • Bryan Smith

          I have to disagree with you. Baseball players generally take PED’s to help with recovery time injuries. Then they typically find out it helps them hit the ball 500 plus feet and get guaranteed contracts for millions of dollars. Not condoning PED use in anyway, but baseball players have just as much of an “excuse” as sports entertainers.

    • beeker

      So, you agree with punk. You just don’t like the fact it came from punk? If the ‘real’ sports don’t keep this kind of thing in check, then when their young superstars start dying from enlarged hearts in hotel rooms people will blame the MBL or NHL or whatever organization it is for not having some kind testing in place to prevent it.

      • ESTMarkus

        The fact is, keeping it in check is not possible. Do you have any idea how easy it is to pass steroid tests? They do what they can to have good testing at the olympics but that doesn’t prevent anybody from using steroids. Fast acting testosterone and GH clear from the body in less than 24 hours. Anybody with two braincells can pass steroid tests.

        Now let’s look at another thing. While there is some relation to steroids enlarging the heart, there is no strong evidence behind it. It is a fact that all athletes have enlarged hearts to a degree. It’s also a fact that organ growth is caused by HGH, a hormone that any elite athlete takes and which is basically impossible to catch.

        In my opinion, the heart attacks due to enlarged hearts in athletes are occuring due to the other drugs they are using. It’s obvious that baseball and football players are taking painkillers and likely abusing them. They abuse prescription medication, which will have serious consequences. So yes, they do have enlarged hearts but that alone doesn’t cause them to drop dead. You don’t see pro bodybuilders dying like that, and they use massive amounts of hormones. Abuse of painkillers and other prescription medication has an effect on the heart, and due to the enlarged hearts, heart attacks are easy to come.

      • Xavier

        I wonder how Punk feels about his buddy Chael Sonnen taking illegal substances when he fought Anderson Silva for the 1st time, I wonder if Punk feels Sonnen should of been banned from UFC for life.