CM Punk Says His Match At MITB Could Have Been Better; Austin Isn't Returning At Wrestlemania XXVIII

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Jon Robertson has a new Q&A online with CM Punk to promote WWE '12. In it, Punk says Steve Austin isn't going to work Wrestlemania XXVIII next year because The Rock is headlining. He also confesses he hasn't watched his match at Money in the Bank but felt it wasn't as good as he could have made it. Below is an excerpt:

Jon Robinson: Looking back at your match at Money in the Bank, is that your favorite match that you've been a part of?

CM Punk:I don't know, I haven't watched it. I did live it, but I haven't watched it because I don't think it was as good as I could've made it. I'm my own worst critic, so I don't know, but I had a lot of fun. I can recall certain parts of that match and just having fun. I saw [Colt] Cabana and Ace [Steel] in the front row and high-fiving them, and my little sister was sitting by them, so that was a blast. We definitely did something special that night.

Jon Robinson: Looking ahead to Wrestlemania, there's Rock versus John Cena, but I'd actually rather see Austin versus Punk. Will we ever get a CM Punk versus Steve Austin main event?

CM Punk:I would rather see Austin/Punk, too. I would love to poll everybody who is going to order Wrestlemania and ask them, what would you rather see: Would you rather see Cena/Rock or Stone Cold/CM Punk? I'm biased, obviously, but I think we'd have a landslide victory. It's up to Steve, really, but he's certainly not going to do it this year. Honestly, if Steve Austin comes back to wrestling, he should be the main event of Wrestlemania, but he can't right now, because Dwayne is. I think Dwayne would get a little bit hurt if Steve took his Mania spot, but then at least Dwayne would understand how the rest of us feel. So I know that's not going to happen this year, but I would love for it to happen next year. I don't want to say it's a goal of mine, but it's definitely something that would be challenging and fun to do. I think Austin was the best worker for many, many, many, many, many years, and that's even pre-Stone Cold. "Stunning" Steve Austin was amazing.

You can read the full article at this link.

  • Tomas

    Damn right Dwayne took all of your spotlights. But that's only your own fault if you're not good enough to run with him.

    • jdl

      Punk is more than good enough to "run" with the Rock. He's easily the best wrestler and promo cutter the WWE has right now, and he's got a very good point. The Rock is gone, almost no contact for seven years, barely even mentions the WWE, then pops up for a couple weeks before Wrestlemania, then for a couple of weeks before Survivor Series and most of those appearances are by satellite. The Rock is getting tons of attention for it, but he doesn't really deserve it for any reason other than the fact that he was huge ten years ago.

      • Monkey

        If Punk can hang with the Rock then why isn't he in Cena's place? If Punk is so good he should be headlining Mania but he isn't. And yeah, the Rock is gone seven years and is STILL more popular than guys who have been there forever. There's a reason he's in the main event and it's because he is the best.

        • Gary

          He's not in Cena's place b/c thats the feud that started. This isn't a random match-up. Its fueled from comments Cena made about The Rock in a few separate interviews. I think a Rock/Punk storyline would probably be massive but Rock works best as a baby face and at this point so does Punk so its not a very good collision in terms of characters at the moment.

          • Darkstalker

            I just giggled when I realized that the autocensor bleeped the word masive (I left an "s" out on purpose)

            At topic: 110% agreement. Punk is WAY – how way? WAY WAY! – better in-ring and on-mic than Cena. Punk/Rock would be one hell of a match. Cus Punk could carry Rock – who is (has anyone seen Survivor Series?!) not that good In-Ring as everybody seems to be thinking. He had no technically difficult spot, he did his "thing" (which is great, dont get me wrong) but that´s about it. And to put Cena in front of him doesnt help with that. Punk (or Y2J for that matter…) could get one hell of a match out of Rocky… Just my 2 cents…

        • xjcms

          crazy it's because cena said something bout the rock and punks not the top guy yet because cenas been on top longer before punk came in, austins the best , stone cold beat wcw not the rock, he's a star cause he's in movies, rock used wrestling to get to movies cm punk is a wrestler , rock is an entertainer a big difference. one does for love of the business one does to add to his movie resume finding.

          • Tomas

            If you actually think The Rock wasn't that good in the ring (btw it doesn't matter what you think!) then why on God Green Earth would Steve Austin be any better in a possible return? He isn't and he never will be. The guy has been sitting on his ass drinking beer the last 10 years whereas The Rock has kept in shape and is looking better than ever. If Austin ever returns to the ring i hope to see you all dissappointed at how bad his ring skills really are today.

        • Ryan

          The rock is a punk a loser he isn't back for the fans if that was true he would have been back years ago he is back to fill his pocket he could give a shit less about the fans I hate cena but I hope John cena whips his money bagging ass he wouldn't be nowhere without his family and he never mentions that like orton does it should be punk/Austin hey rock go to Hollywood and never come back to wwe

    • mathew30

      so your actually saying to all the guys in the locker room, tough luck your to blame that this guy has a crap load of charisma and skill in the ring that outshines EVERYBODY expect taker and stone cold. what a load, dont forget dwayne was shot down several times over a period of years becuase the audience and wwe didnt get him or any of the characters they did with him and same with stone cold, but it took dwayne several years before he became the legend that he is. but theres also another issue, the legends like those i have mentioned had guys aroudn them that trained them and they watched and took guiadance, and i honestly believe the guys of today dont have such people in the locker room. so dont say to the guys in the locker room that its their fault as i think thats just ignorant.

  • LukeT

    It all comes down to Vince, he chooses based on his opinions not those of the fans. Think about it, the majority of people are sick of 'supercena' but VKM won't turn him because of (dwindling) merchandise sales, based on the SS crowd I doubt many people would still buy his stuff. Then rock comes in and is at the top straight away, now I know he's extremely talented, but rock has Vince rapped around his little finger, he could pee in vinces pocket and tell him it's rain, and Vince would believe him. CM Punk is a bigger star than cena, but because of punks outspoken attitude, he's not in VKMs pocket like cena and rock are.

    • Darkstalker

      So I hear you´re saying … Cena is the pee in VKM´s pocket? Totally agree ;o)

  • smart-mark

    I'm all for punk/austin….the promos would be epic, and they are both great workers. And yes he is correct, I was too a fan of the hollywood blondes!