CM Punk Continues To Mock Lawler Heart Attack, Sheamus' Chair Attack, Mick Foley Talks About The Miz Rubbing People The Wrong Way

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- CM Punk said in a dot com exclusive Sunday night unless he dropped dead from a heart attack in the next hour he would be WWE Champion for a full 365 days. You can watch the interview at this link.

- Setting the stage for a possible Chairs Match at WWE TLC next month, Sheamus says he got retribution on Big Show after their match at Survivor Series. Click here for dot com's interview with him.

- Mick Foley said after Survivor Series "the jury is still out" on The Miz after his team "lost" to Team Ziggler. You can watch his comments here.

  • I think that CM punk mocking the heart attack of Jerry The King lawler is wrong because there are dying people with heart attacks

    • J-Dub

      We can all have our opinions in the matter and I agree that this storyline is a little disgraceful, but until The King has a problem with it then we will continue to see this storyline on raw.

      • I agree, it is not that i don't think that the whole storyline is wrong or they have to put an end to it but it says something about the WWE creative team that they have to make a storyline about it.
        that the can't come up with a better story

    • mathew30

      oh come on, the amount of rubbish wwe pumps out, and by that i mean crude jokes and storylines. there would be no product left. seriously if you are effected by what you hear and see, maybe this stuff isnt for you

    • Cheddar

      There are a lot of people dying with more than just heart attacks. People die, get over it. In fact, all 7 billion of us on this planet will be dead some day, so don't take it that seriously. Learn to love life no matter what

    • Johnny Lane

      Dying people with heart attacks? That doesn't even make sense.

    • AUSTIN 3:16

      Bit since it's CM Punk who's mocking Lawler everybody on here will kiss his ass and say it's okay too make fn of Lawler

  • Sweetonion

    Big show and sheamus again zzzzzzzzz

    • Andrew Ace

      You can’t have a died end with 2 matches. This song tna.

  • Andrew Ace

    aint TNA***** (stupid auto correct)

  • Hardy

    I agree on one hand that some people will find it offensive because they have had heart attacks or know people who have. But is it any different when Jericho was calling punk a drunk etc? I mean there are people who are also recovering alcoholics etc. I think as long as its done correctly and it doesn’t offend king or anyone else too badly then go with it.